Assistance From Pet Travel Professionals: A Few Tips On How Best to Relocate with a Pet


January 10, 2019Pets

Though it was out of the ordinary some years ago to call our pets our babies, it’s not the case anymore. Our pets are more than our animals, they’re our companions through thick and thin, they have personalities of their own, simply said they’re family. Of course, nothing changes when you find yourself in the situation of changing your whereabouts, family is family no matter what, and you wouldn’t want to leave your family member behind when travelling abroad, would you?

international pet travel Australia

The thought of preparing for an international trip is itself burdening, more so when you have to include your pet in the plans. Luckily, you can travel hassle-free counting on the help of professionals and their years of experience with international pet travel Australia wide. However, some owners still try to take this up themselves all because of having to pay for all the services. But all things considered, in the long run, you not only save money by entrusting professionals with your pet’s travel, it also saves you the time, and stress, both for you and your pet.

First there’s the thought of the tickets, and leaving it up to professionals means they can find the most direct route possible for you and come up with a comprehensive itinerary. Moreover, they can help you with your pet’s flight check-in, and boarding, while prior to it taking care of pre-flight walk and play. Sounds amazing, right? Well, this isn’t all, considering quarantine, customs requirements, inspections, and clearances based on knowledge of the laws is also part of the services of international pet travel Australia specialists as they are constantly updated when it comes to the policies. Different countries have different requirements.

Want some extra services? You can count on extra help, be it with a collection of your pet, or delivery to the new residence (door to door!). As airlines have their own rules when it comes to the kennels allowed for pets, the specialists can provide you with the airline approved kennel that’s best for your pet. Vet checks, vaccinations, and blood tests are also part of the extra services. What’s important to remember is to make sure you ask all the questions that concern you about the trip itself, so you’d be able to relax. To ensure everything goes smoothly, it’s good to start with the preparations months in advance to get all the necessary vaccinations, and blood tests done, and acquire the needed permits.