Calculator Picking Tips To Dig


January 18, 2016Finance

Math is not exactly the easiest thing in the world to handle; it requires a fast brain for calculations and manipulations, reasoning to choose the right solution method and interest in order to understand and explain that solution. And most of you hate it. But fortunately, technology has your back in the form of an advanced calculator. Advanced calculators, like graphic calculators, can do all sorts of calculations and even offer you illustrative solutions with graphs and columns. Everything from fractions, functions, integrals and similar can be solved by graphic calculators. The online high school calculator offer is wide, and to choose wisely, you need to know a few tricks and have some basic information on calculators.


The type of calculator you need

There are various types of calculators: basic ones – that perform only basic calculating operations like adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing. Then you have advanced ones, the calculators that can perform a little more complicated operations such as calculations with polynomials, exponential phrases and similar. These would normally be the ones from the online high school calculator offer that students from upper high school classes look for most. And then there are the specialized calculators; those for financial purposes, for measuring purposes and similar. These are made for workers in specialized fields.

Where can and can’t you use it?

Calculators were made to help people and ease the calculating process. After all, no one has that strong photographic memory to remember a lot of numbers and calculate them. However, there are situations in which you cannot use a calculator as some tests do not allow the use of any type of calculator, while some do. This largely depends on the functions that the calculator offers, so if you need to take the SAT or the ACT you will be notified in advance about the type of calculator you are allowed to use.


The calculator industry is rich in brands making the online high school calculator offer vast. Calculators offer various models with all kinds of features that can literally do all the math for you. Here are the brands to consider if you are looking to buy online high school calculator:

  • Texas Instruments holds the number one place in the calculator market. Their models starting with TI-84 Plus Silver Edition are recommended by most teachers in high schools. Their strongest feature is the new MathPrint operating system they operate on, although the system has been criticized for being rushed and buggy.
  • Casio holds the second place in the kingdom of calculators. Casio Prizm to be exact, is the most celebrated of all Casio calculators. This one can solve equations, trigonometry and algebra, do 2D and 3D equations, manipulate spreadsheets and similar. Especially good for students trying to learn programming. Casio has another ace in their sleeve, and that’s the TI-Nspire CX which is the latest in their line and the most powerful one. This operating system revolves around the idea of documents, so you can type your equations, solve them and even draw graphs. It is definitely more advanced than the other ones, so it may not be allowed on all tests for high school students.