Cubbyhouse Tips for Building It Nice and Fast


March 4, 2016Toys

Going through my old stuff, I stumbled upon an old album filled with pictures from my childhood. Filled with excitement, happiness and a little bit of sadness, I longed for the days when my father and I started building a cubbyhouse where the happiest memories of my childhood happened. Over there, I was a knight with a castle searching for his princess, a soldier of fortune who has been left to protect the entrance of a kingdom and a lawyer with his office waiting for clients to come. But in today’s fast-paced world, not many parents have the time to build a cubbyhouse for their kids, or they are simply not the DIY kind. Luckily, you can easily buy cubbyhouse online.

  • If you do have the will and time to build a cubbyhouse yourself, the following tips will serve you well:
  • Finding the perfect right spot where to put your cubbyhouse is the first thing you should do. If you have big backyard, try to put it under a big tree, so it would look like the hobbit hole from the movie Lord of the Rings, Middle Earth.
  • Next thing you should do is to find the right materials. You can always go to a store and pick up some brand new pieces of wood, but I personally prefer reused wood (generally used to hold structures while building) because there is no need to cut down more threes when we can reuse the old ones. You will also need the following tools: hammer, nails, door knobs, window glass, paint and wallpapers to make the insides warm, cozy and fun to look at.
  • Cubbyhouse actually means small house, but still some people want more space for their kids to enjoy an play freely. You can always decorate the inside with furniture which you can also build or buy online/from a store. Painting your cubby house can be very easily and quickly done. You can choose one colour for your structure and one for your roof. You can let your kids try to paint something to make it unique and enjoy it even more!
  • Let the inside of the cubbyhouse become your kids’ secret place and make sure that you let them be a part of every decision. Let them know that you trust them, therefore you are crating a place where they can fully explore and fantasize. Of course, you have every right to check on them, but it is your obligation to ensure the safety of the place.