Essential Horse Gear for a Happier Partnership Between You and Your Horse


September 28, 2016Shopping Sports

Riding a horse is a pretty fulfilling experience: you ride on the back of one of the most gracious, peaceful creatures on Earth, chasing the wind and the sun in a vast and open territory. Probably the best thing about riding a horse is that you’re never alone – there’s your partner, the horse. It’s quite an interesting thing this connection between the horse and the rider. While we’re not so able to understand horses, our emotional and even physical condition is very apparent to them, as claimed by experienced horseback riders.


However, a pleasant horseback ride doesn’t necessarily depend entirely on the connection between the rider and the horse. A large part in the overall comfort and beauty of the ride lies in choosing the proper equipment for you and the horse. In this post, I’ll concentrate on answering which pieces you need to look for on horse gear for sale actions to equip your horse for your next ride together.

First, let’s define the difference between the two main styles of horseback riding – Western and English. Western horseback riding as a style was practised more by cowboys cattle ranchers for doing hard, physical work. That consequently means the saddles were more contoured providing more comfort for long hour seating. English horseback riding on the other hand, refers more to the sport character of the activity, which means the saddles as main difference criteria aren’t designed for rough terrains and long rides. That, and some other finesses in the actual riding, is the difference between the two horse riding styles.

Bridles, rains and bits

On horse gear for sale offers you’ll find all these elements separately because although they all serve one purpose, they do differ. Bridles, rains and bits all serve to control the horse’s movements. Bridles in particular, serve to control direction of movement and these consist of headstalls and reins. They also keep the bits in place. Bridles for both styles are different, so choose according to your preference. Bits serve to control the horse’s speed. You don’t want your horse to fly in some hole right?

Saddles, blankets, sheets and pads

Probably the most important element of the right horseback riding equipment. Sitting directly on the horse’s back is never a good option neither for you nor for the horse. A proper horse saddle will keep you in place and won’t cause discomfort to the horse. It’s important for the saddle to be right in size, depth of seat and seat slope, because if not, it will be very uncomfortable for the horse to carry it which will largely affect his behaviour and ability. Here it’s good to mention some of the accessories your horse needs, like pads for the saddle. Pads minimize the slipping of the saddle due to sweating from the horse’s back. Blankets are necessary to protect your horse from environmental influences like severe winds, rains and snows and sheets serve a rather hygiene related purpose: protection from mud and moisture.

Leg wraps

“Horse’s legs” is an expression used for describing strong, muscular legs that can endure a lot of stress as well as fast and sudden movements. That’s the way a horse’s legs are – strong, fast, flexible in movement, allowing the horse to change direction easy and very fast. As such, they’re the horse’s most valuable asset and if you want your partner to serve you well long, you need to protect and care about his legs. Among the many products on horse gear for sale actions, you’ll find a number of different boots for horses and many types of wraps. The boots are mainly used in the Western style of riding a horse, particularly when engaged in some field work. Wraps on the other hand, are designed to protect the horse’s legs from bruising, scrapping and irritiation from mud, dust and sand.

Besides these main horse gear elements, you can get other pieces of equipment for your horse, such as masks for the head, dressage tools and many health care products like horse vitamins, shampoos and similar. The more you invest in the care for your horse, the happier he’ll be, and a happy horse means a very pleasant and positive horseback riding experience.