Few Tips on How to Buy the Right Roller Speed Skates For all-around Fun and Enjoyment


June 13, 2016Sports

When it comes to roller speed skates, there are so many models and varieties on the market it can be hard to determine which ones might be the right choice for you or your child. There are a few different models of roller speed skates that are the most popular and widely available. Below we will go over each model and what they are particularly good for. You can easily find roller speed skates for sale in skate stores or online where you can easily browse through them yourself. If you want to read through and find out which one is best suited to your or your child’s needs then continue below.


Recreation Roller Speed Skates

These can really vary in price range from cheap models to quite pricey models, so this is good if you want to splurge or save. They are mostly made with high top boots and narrow wheels, they also have dual cushions which make turning around corners a lot easier. When it comes to the wheels they may also vary and many models coming in either outdoor or indoor. The softer the wheel the more appropriate it is for outdoor use, if it’s hard then it is best suited for indoors. An outdoor wheel can also be used indoors but an indoor wheel can not be used outdoors.

Outdoor Roller Speed Skates

Outdoor skates can either be a high top or a low top which are usually made from either leather or canvas material. While the leather ones are a little pricier most people actually seem to prefer the canvas type. Outdoor wheels are incredibly versatile and can be added to any skate, it is important to note that they do take a little more effort so you stay at the same momentum. Another material that you can find these skates in is suede which some people like because you can brush the dirt off easier than you could with leather or canvas.

Speed Skates

These seem to be most popular with teens and young adults as you can really get some great speed up in the roller rink or skate park. The skate itself usually features a lower cut shoe, a strap on the instep for ankle support, and a flap over the front and laces, which are all important features needed when it comes to speed skating. These are usually made with a high impact material so they do not break easily if you by accident hit something while skating fast. They are definitely a growing trend in the skating world and you can easily find roller speed skates for sale online or in stores.

Children’s Skates

Last but not least children’s skates, which are made from plastic or vinyl with a design that gives better control so that children can go slower. There are also other models for children that you can buy as they become more advanced with their skills. You should choose a model based on your child’s current size and skill. They come in a variety of prices so if you are on a budget you don’t have to worry. Just like buying shoes, it is recommended that you go a size larger so your kid doesn’t grow out of them too quickly. You should always invest in safety gear as well which includes, a helmet, knee and shoulder pads, to make sure that injuries are kept to a minimum.