Glass Fencing: Our Tip for an Attractive and Safe Pool Area

One of the best things about having a spacious yard is the possibility to create your own private pool oasis. A backyard swimming pool is the gateway for instant refreshment whenever the temperatures begin to rise. Not to mention how it can make for the perfect amount of family fun and be the focus point of many summer time get-togethers. If you already have one, or are planning to install, then you should consider one extremely important factor – safety. This is especially important if you have curious toddlers who love running around the yard. Increasing the safety of the pool can only be done by securing it with a solid fence.

glass pool fence spigots

But when I say solid, I don’t mean building a brick wall around the pool. It’s always nice to have an airy openness around the swimming area which will make it look fancy and similar to something you’d find in a resort. A glass pool fence can create an optical illusion of spaciousness while also serving as a barrier that prevents anyone from accidentally toppling over into the pool. Plus, it’s unbelievably easy to install it even by yourself. All you need is to cut some safety glass panels to the desired dimensions and the right number of glass pool fence spigots to support them.

Quality safety glass can be resistant to any kind of shocks, strong winds and hits. As long as it stands upright, there’s no safety risk. Therefore, a lot of consideration should go into choosing strong and reliable glass pool fence spigots. Actually, the first and most important step of pool fence installation is fastening the spigots to the floor or ground. Depending on the type of installation method you picked, the spigots can be base plated, core drilled with an adjustment bolt or core drilled without an adjustment bolt. Once you’ve installed the spigots, you need to place plastic packers before slipping the glass into the space within the spigots. At no point should the glass get into contact with the metal. You can use an allen key to fix the glass from the grub screw side.

Even though the installation of a glass fence is no complex process, due to the unfortunately large number of pool-related accidents, the Australian government has decided to impose some regulations. The law forcing all pool-owners to fence off their swimming area goes by the title AS1926.1 and consists of several standards:

  • There mustn’t be any climbing footholds;
  • The minimal height must be 1.2 metres and there mustn’t be more than 1cm clearance;
  • Gaps big enough for a child to squeeze through are banned;
  • The material and welds should be strong to survive any heavy knocks;
  • Must be solid enough to prevent a child from making a gap in the bars or mesh.