Helpful Tips For Choosing Drones For Children


January 18, 2016Toys

Drones for children are some of the most popular toys in the past couple of years. If your children are asking you to buy them a drone, why not surprise them with one this holidays season? It is the perfect toy to add a great deal of fun and excitement to their playtime. But since drones are not typical children toys, you need to dedicate more time and attention on choosing the right one. So, let’s see what you need to do and consider in order to buy a drone that is easy and safe to fly. In order to help you make the best purchase, we have prepared some simple, yet helpful tips on how to buy drones for children. More specifically, here are the key features that you need to consider when choosing from the vast array of drones available on the Australian market.



Drones without a camera are simply good for nothing. In fact, what is the purpose of flying a drone if one cannot capture great moments from the heights. Your kids will certainly enjoy making videos while flying the drone on their favourite locations. For this reason, make it a point to choose a drone with a good camera while considering the following criteria: megapixel rate, video resolution, control capability as well as viewing distance.

Control Range

There are drones that have a 30m control range or even more. But, the higher the control range, the higher the drone’s cost. When buying drones for kids, you don’t have to break the bank on a drone with the utmost control range, because your kids won’t really fly it on such large distances. Go for a more suitable and affordable option.

Battery Lifespan

The quality and the lifespan of the battery are two very important factors to take into account when buying drones for children. If the battery is of low quality, chances are you will have to recharge it after a couple of minutes after staying in the air. The most reliable batteries enable flying the drone for up to 25 minutes with no interruptions and problems.


The actual design of the done is directly associated with balance and flight control. The features such as weight and dimensions influence the drone’s flying capability, performance and power consumption. Heavier drones perform better in strong wind but they spend much more energy than the lightweight ones. It is up to you to decide what alternative would be best for you and your children.

Speed and Height

Besides weight and dimensions, two other factors that are equally important are speed and height. In order to choose a drone with the right speed and height capabilities you should consider your children’s play needs and requirements. Do your research to find more about the different options in terms of speed and height that different drones have, compare them and make the best pick.