How To Choose Curtains And Blinds For Any Space


June 3, 2016Home & Decor

Choosing the right curtains and blinds for your space might seem easy until you actually have to choose. The right blinds or curtains can really make or break the whole look of your space so whether you want curtains, or blinds, or both, it is crucial you know how to choose the right ones. Below we will go over all you need to know about choosing window coverings for your space. If you are unsure of where to find window coverings you can easily search, browse, and buy online curtains and blinds where you will find a great variety. If you want to know in depth on how to make sure you choose the right window covering, keep reading.Online Curtains And Blinds


  • Colour & Fabric – It is so important to choose the right fabric as it will really make the difference between how long your curtains last. It also can make the difference between how crisp they fold and how well they fall. You should also consider the sunlight as it will fade the fabrics over time. If there is lots of light, try to avoid colours, but if you change them often then this shouldn’t be a problem. As far as fabrics go, faux silk seems to be the best choice because they are durable and they fold really well. If you want the fabric to block out the cold try choosing something thicker.
  • Length & Lining – When deciding on a length you should always take into account that most curtains hang above the window so you need to add length to compensate. Width is important as you want to have a little more fabric than you actually need, consider adding about 8 centimeters on each side. You should also consider adding a lining if you want the curtain to block out the sun.
  • Custom or Store Bought – Custom curtains come with the benefit of being perfectly fitting for your window and you can choose from a huge variety of designs that can be tailored to suit you. Custom curtains, however, can really come at the pricey end, this might not be great for someone on a budget. Store bought curtains are just as great though but you may need to tailor them a bit to fit, the great thing about store bought is that you can find some great deals especially online.


  • Material & Style – Blinds come in a huge variety of materials on styles including, wood, roman shades, honeycomb, blackout, and solar. You should choose the style and material you want based on how long you want them to last and what you might be looking for in a blind. Blackout blinds, for example, are great for people who work night shifts and need to sleep during the day. They block out all the sunlight keeping it dark inside and every style of blind has its different uses.
  • Budget – Blind prices vary unlike curtains, most curtains come in similar prices but fitting blinds the price may vary. Every material comes at a different price and you will most likely need to pay a lot more to fit the whole house as compared to just doing a few rooms. You should really work out a budget and get a quote before you call someone to come and fit them for you.
  • Maintenance – Curtains, unlike blinds, can be pretty simple to clean and wash, you just take them down and chuck them in the washing machine. Blinds need a little more elbow grease as dust can really accumulate on them. You will need to wipe them down every week to stop dust and grime from building up. This might not be great for someone who is hardly at home or on a very busy schedule. You should only choose to get blinds if you can care for them properly. If you are not sure where to find curtain or blinds you can easily browse and choose from a great variety online curtains and blinds.