Our Tip for Ponds is Choosing a Pump Powered by the Sun


June 8, 2017Electronics

The role of pumps for pond owners is a simple one. They keep the water fresh by making sure all nutrients are distributed to all the aquatic life in the pond evenly (fish, plants and other). Apart from keeping fresh what’s wanted, they help keep the unwanted away – when there’s no stagnation in the water flow, the likelihood of mosquitoes and algae appearing is lower. This is mostly due to the fact that movement makes for better distribution of oxygen.

water pumps pond

Since ponds are build by people that want to admire natural beauty on a daily basis, it’s safe to assume that the most eco-freindly ways around it will immediately sound appealing to these home owners. Luckily, the most eco-friendly way is the most cost-efficient way when it comes to choosing the right water pump pond owners need. In other words, solar is the way to go.

Solar water pumps pond usage available are powered by using a small solar collector that powers the electric motor which in turn powers the pump. This leaves you completely care-free when it comes to electricity bills and apart from that, you can rest assured you won’t be contributing to no greenhouse gas emissions whatsoever. All maintenance these pumps require is the cleaning of the filter from time to time. Make sure the pump has one though since some don’t, but the role of the filter is very important. These filters prevent derbis from entering the pond and can be used for all sorts of drainage issues around the garden and your home.

Another consideration prior to getting a solar pump is to make sure you’re buying from a reputable shop, whether it’s physical or online. In this digital era, online has become more reliable both regarding price and reviews wise. It’s also time-saving since you can read different specs, reviews and compare prices within a few minutes and a few clicks. Speaking of few clicks and flexibility, if it’s possible, make sure you get a pump the operation of which can be automated as much as possible and you can pre-set the hours of running or make it run until running out of solar power. Some pumps can even memorize settings and automatically turn on during a specified time of the day. And of course, once you install the pump, don’t forget to adjust the water flow according to your pond’s needs.

Hopefully, after reading this article you are in the know that solar is the way to go.