Our Tips for Buying Front Vehicle Protection


May 18, 2017Cars

4X4 Brush Bars

Everyone who drives a custom pickup, an off-road vehicle or jeep, understands the importance of protecting its front end. Whether you’re constantly on a job site working, cruising down town or hitting the beaten track, knowing that you can count on 4×4 brush bars is always great. Bush bars are designed to sit in front of your existing grill, safeguarding it from everything that’s behind it – from tree limps, rocks, stumps and so on. They’re also great protectors if you happen to bump into a tree, another vehicle, a mail box, etc. as they’re amazing at absorbing the impact of collisions.

You might hear terms like push bars, bull bars and grill bars, and you should know that they’re pretty much the same, just have slightly different designs. Their purpose is to protect the bumper, paint job, grille from getting scratched by brushes, branches and so on. There are some minor differences though, such as the bull bars being accompanied by a skid plate and their focus being on protecting the lower part of the front of your vehicle from boulders, lying stumps, etc. Let’s go into more detail about the types of front end protection.

Full grille guards, which are also known as 4×4 brush bars, protect the full width of your vehicle. Not only do they protect the grille and front bumper, but they also protect the headlights because of their specially-shaped tubes that are slightly wrapped around the outer perimeters of the headlamp. Almost all 4×4 brush bars are vehicle specific because of this. However, once you do find a brush bar for your particular model and make, you can rest assured it will perfectly fit and offer optimum protection.

The main purpose of push bars on the other hand, is to align with another vehicle’s bumper to give it a gentle push without doing any damage to it. These bars are usually vertical, curved gently and coated with rubber, ensuring the pressure is evenly spread out. You can bolt it to the structure of your vehicle and you can extend it upward far enough to make it protect a portion of your center grill area. This is why some push bars are also called center grille guards. However, this isn’t the case with all push bars. Most of them are made for specific models and makes as well, and if you’re driving a vehicle that’s popularly used by law enforcement, you can probably find some heavy-duty push bars that are extremely durable