Our Tips For Buying PX Ranger Headlights


June 10, 2019Cars

If you’re someone who frequently takes their PX Ranger off the beaten trail at night, then you probably know just how important having clear visibility of the road ahead of you is. Most PX Ranger stock headlights don’t provide the best illumination. For that very reason, many people look to upgrade them to aftermarket headlights that are not just brighter, but also more durable, which can be a huge difference maker when driving in rough terrain.

You can find a wide range of headlights and other PX Ranger accessories online, at Ford dealerships and car parts stores. Some of the indicators that it’s time for you to replace your headlights include a dim bulb, cracked headlight, dark commute, overly bright bulb, or if you just want to upgrade from stock, incandescent headlights. When looking for new headlights or any other PX Ranger accessories, make sure you buy model-specific ones to make sure they fit properly. Other than that, you need to consider the type of headlights.

LED Headlights

LED headlights are the most popular headlight solution due to a couple of reasons. They’re very durable, last up to 30.000 working hours, they’re energy efficient unlike other types of headlights, and they don’t release as much heat like most other types of headlights. LED technology has completely revolutionised the headlight world, and even though they’re the most expensive option, they provide the best value for your money.

Halogen Headlights

Halogen headlights feature halogen gas which prolongs the bulb filament’s lifespan. They’re built with a thin tungsten filament which emits an extremely bright white light. These headlights usually last between 500 and 1000 working hours, but they’re the more affordable option. However, there are some high-end models that can cost more but also last much longer.

Xenon Headlights

These headlights are filled with xenon gas and feature electrodes which produce blue-coloured light. Xenon lights burn very brightly and are more aesthetically pleasing. Generally, their average lifespan is about 2000 to 3000 working hours, and they’re ideal for low-lit and rural areas. Furthermore, the blue-tinted light that they produce gives your Ranger PX a stylish appearance of an elegant luxury vehicle or flashy sports car. Regardless of which type of headlights you decide to go for, it’s important to clean them regularly to ensure they function properly. Car headlight laws are different in every country, so make sure the lights you pick comply with the DOT rules and regulations.