Our Tips for Enhancing Your Exterior with the Elegance of Faux Stone Veneers


March 7, 2018House & Garden

Mankind has always had a fascination with stone. All the ancient structures that survived to grace the world today are made from it. Stone looks imposing, has a certain classic elegance to it, and can last for decades, centuries, and even millennia. No wonder homeowners are crazy about this material when it comes to adorning their exteriors. But unless you’re a Roman emperor – enhancing your home’s value with stone might be a hard thing to do as it is a time, labour, and money-consuming challenge.

But this is not ancient Rome, and you can totally use much simpler and more affordable options to bring this charming look to your yard. Today, everyone can enjoy a texturally rich stone exterior with the help of faux stone veneers. Although they might be referred to as faux, stone veneers come with a significant infusion of authenticity. And in some cases, the manufactured alternative can exceed the real thing.


Take for example natural fieldstone – it is hard to source, very expensive, and even harder to work with as it consists of individual pieces that differ in size and shape. But faux fieldstone is only 20-35 mm thick and lightweight, which makes it possible for it to be installed on any structurally sound base, whereas natural fieldstone can’t be. Plus, faux fieldstone gives you a lot more colours to choose from which allows you to achieve exactly the kind of stone mosaic pattern you’ve been dream of.

Of course, faux fieldstone is just a small part of the list of stone veneers you can choose from. Each type of veneer comes with a variety of colours giving you even more options! You don’t even have to stick to a single style, as different stone types can come together for a more eclectic look. One stunning example is combining a ledge stone with fieldstone, as the two types can enhance a home’s appearance with twice the depth and richness.

In fact, all stone veneers can be adhered to practically any surface whether prepared or untreated, cementitious or masonry – as long as it’s in good condition. Since the base doesn’t need to undergo any structural change before applying the stone veneers, they can be used on both newer and older homes without any problem. Plus, veneers are easy to modify and can be cut into exactly the size and shape you need, allowing you to clad some tricky areas, like corner pieces and column installations.

And the best part of it all is that not only are faux stone veneers affordable and easy to install, but they are also incredibly low maintenance. Giving your stone features a light rinse with a garden hose every now and then is all the cleaning you need to do. With time, small nicks might begin to appear in the stone, but don’t worry as they can be quickly retouched with a colour repair kit.