Our Tips for Finding the Right Grass Brush Cutter to Declutter

Many people say the grass is greener on the other side, I say it is green where you water and maintain it. As much as it may seem a mission impossible for you to make your lawn look like the vast green Hamptons-style yards, know what you should do, equip yourself with the right tools and put in the work! It is as straightforward as it could be. And while there truly is an army of tools you’ll need to make your side of the grass greener, today we will put special emphasis on a handy piece of equipment that takes brush cutting to a different level and makes it that much easier: the grass brush cutter. What follows is our tips regarding what you should be on the look out for when buying one for your home.

Right Grass Brush Cutter to Declutter


Mainly used for clearing grass, small bushes and undergrowth, the grass brush cutter comes with a range of engine sizes. Naturally, the denser the vegetation you need to clear, the more powerful machine you will need for it. Generally, there are two types of engines – two stroke and four stroke ones.

The two stroke engines are the most commonly found type. For their operation they require you to mix gas and oil together. They are more powerful, have less moving parts, thus are very reliable. They weigh less and are not very big. Four stroke engines on the other hand, are more environmentally friendly as they produce about 70% less emissions. They run just on gasoline and vibrate less when in use, which makes them very convenient. On the negative side, they are much larger and heavier than typical brush cutters.


When looking for a grass brush cutter, you will notice there are two different shafts – straight and curved. There is not much difference between both of these, but still some people have certain preferences. Straight shafts are the most common choice as they provide the user with more precision and flexibility. They are the recommended choice if you are cutting grass near curved areas or buildings. Curved shafts on the other hand, are easier to carry, are lightweight and more comfortable to use if you need to work with them for an extended time period


Another aspect to think about is whether you need a grass brush cutter with just one or two handles? The two handed ones are also called bulbar or bull horns. They look like bicycle handles and are designed to be used with a harness. The one handed design is easier to use, but it has some safety concerns you will need to think about. The thing is, these tools are sturdy and can be a bit heavy, so you may need to use two hands to make using them easier and safer.