Our tips for how to do the best pyjama party


October 3, 2013Clothes


Pyjama parties are a great way to keep your kids occupied and while you complete your house chores. Kids can do all kinds of things like watch movies, do role play games or pillow fight. Just make syre all is safe because as a parent you will be responsible for any accident that may happen, involving your and/or other children. A simple yet demanding task, there are some tips and advices you can use to make your kid’s pyjama party interesting and memorable.

Choosing a theme

What is really great about these pyjama parties is that you can choose a special theme. For instance, if you visit a local kids store you will find all kinds of kids pyjamas, from Disney themed pyjamas to lots of colorful pyjamas with interesting drawings on them. You can get ideas from your kid’s favorite movies, books, cartoons and toys and make the most of his/her pyjama party. Just make sure you inform the other kids’ parents about the childrens sleepwear dress code of your party.



Details make any design great. That is why you should always add some details to your kids pyjamas party aside from the childrens sleepwear dress code you have already chosen. You can even find something to suit your chosen theme or you can use some well-known decorations such as balloons, whistles, colored candy and other. These are not hard to find as any local kids store has them in stock.


This is a flexible choice because leaving kids unattended with food may cost you a day of house cleaning and carpet washing. However, it won’t hurt to buy some snacks like cold cuts sandwiches, nuts, fruit, candy and anything else you can think of that will not stain your carpets and furniture.


After you have chosen kids pyjamas, decorations and food, it is time to determine what kind of activities the party will include. We know that kids are flexible and can play with almost anything, but it is better to have an agenda of activities that will amuse them the whole time. You can organize a scavenger hunt where some items will be hidden in the room and kids will have to find them or have them make jewelry out of simple threads and paper. This part is entirely left to your creativity as you can even make up your very own game.