Our Tips For How to Get the Most Out of Your Bike


May 3, 2018Sports

There are many interesting activities that people can try and take up if they are trying to lead a bit more of a healthier lifestyle, or just want to bring a bit more excitement to their day by becoming more physically active. They could try out jogging if they have a good pair of sneakers, or swimming if they have a pool or live near a lake, but as you might have guessed from the title, the activity we will be focusing on will be cycling and some of its most important components.

Just like you need a swimming pool to swim and running shoes to run, if you want to take up cycling, you will not only need to get yourself a good bike, but you might also consider upgrading a few of its components a little bit. Luckily, bike shops are incredibly easy to find wherever you are and they all have some great items in stock that can vastly improve your experience. But which ones should you focus the most on?

standard bike pedals

When you are on your bike, you will find out that good foot placement is very important, so you would think that the standard bike pedals would be the first thing you replace, right? Well, no. Unlike many other of the bikes bits and pieces, the standard bike pedals that you can find at any shop don’t come with many differences from model to model, and there really aren’t any advantages whatsoever to buying some ridiculous overpriced “luxury” pedals. All you really need to do is see which one fits your foot best, check whether or not they have good traction, and you are good to go.

You might however like to look into some different handlebars since the hand grip is also very important. Like the pedals, these items can get worn out and should be replaced as frequently as you can allow yourself, or as soon as you feel your hand slipping off. Much like the handlebars, there is no need to look for handlebars that come with a cup holder, are made from the hide of a rare extinct dinosaur, or are overpriced for some absurd reason. Get the ones that have at least some decent padding, durable enough for long use and maybe have some water-resistant characteristics in case you want to be able to ride in any weather conditions.

And finally, we can’t forget to mention the seat and how desperately most bikes need an upgrade in that area since the standard seats they come with can be a real pain in the neck. This one is very simple – go for the one that fits you best. I can sit here and explain the advantages of a padded or hard seat, but the truth is it is something only you can decide. Stick to the seat your bike comes with at first, and then after you figure out what kind of riding you want to do and the type of seat that would suit it the best, get the one that matches your needs.