Our Tips for Keeping Your Chainsaw as Sharp as Shark’s Teeth


September 7, 2017Industrial Equipment

I think most people that have used a chainsaw in their life would agree with me that there’s nothing more frustrating than a chain saw that starts and runs well, but cuts like an elderly man without any teeth trying to eat beef stake – a lot of energy spent for very poor results. An incorrectly or poorly sharpened chain doesn’t also reduce the efficiency, slow down the pace of the workday for everyone involved, but it’s also a big safety concern.

chain sharpener

Chainsaws that aren’t sharp need a lot more energy to be operated, are tougher on the muscles, ligaments and tendons of the user because of the vibrations, and can pose a great thread in case a kickback occurs. Additionally, users can become frustrated with whoever sharpened or didn’t sharpen the chain, and won’t focus on the motorised cutting killing machine in their hands.

The easiest solution to these problems is to correctly maintain and sharpen the chain of the saw by using a chain sharpener. Discussing the best chain sharpener with lumberjack pros will lead to many discussions as to which sharpening tool is the best, and while some opinions can be helpful and worthwhile, others are based on “this is the best because we’ve always done it this way”.

One of the more sophisticated sharpening tools is the electric sharpener. They’re difficult to use for the less tech-savvy folk, but once they get the hang of it, they’ll never go back to the old-fashioned method. These tools can greatly increase the longevity of the chain’s blades. They have a blade which rotates over 4000 times per minute, so be gentle with it!

Chain sharpener have a guide which is mounted to the chain, and you can adjust its angle of sharpening to get the best result. This method requires you to take the chain off the chainsaw, but you’ll save a lot of time either way. Contrary to popular belief, these tools are relatively inexpensive, and they save you time and more money by keeping your chainsaw in top-notch shape.

An alternative sharpener tool, for the less tech-savvy is the dremel sharpening kit. A stone grinder is included in this kit which can be attached to the dremel, which makes it a great sharpening tool. Moreover, this tool is extremely versatile and you can sharpen other tools like a hoe, shovel or shear. Unless you buy a dremel that runs on batteries, they aren’t very portable.