Our Tips for Turning Your Home into a Stress-Free Zone


March 28, 2018Health & Beauty

Being part of a world where stress is inevitable in the day to day life, it’s more than important to find the ways to at least reduce it, or avoid it if possible. This is essentially true when knowing all the damage chronic stress can do to the body, and where to start best than in our very homes. Here are some tips to making your abode a stress-free zone.

It’s been known for millennia that essential oils have a lot to do with relaxation. Nowadays, aromatherapy is only growing more into a trend, regardless of whether used diffused into the air, applied on the skin, or added in your bath – the benefits you can reap are not to be overlooked.

essential oils and medical flowers herbs

While there is a variety of essential oils, there are also carrier oils for aromatherapy that serve as a base for diluting of the oils, to allow better absorption. The oils can be efficient with treating sore muscles, inflammation, and skin repair, they are also great as repellents (as is in the example of lavender oil), protecting the home from bacteria, and viruses (like the cold, and flu), and of course, helping with reduction of stress, tension, and anxiety.

Having this in mind, don’t forget to buy your essential oils and carrier oils for aromatherapy, and turn your home into your own spa. Speaking of spa, there’s another item you can add: the infrared heating pad, helping you relax with the help of harmless infrared rays that penetrate the skin, and help relax the muscles.

Essential Oil Aromatherapy Blends1

The next tip has to do with an interior trend – the Scandinavian style. The reason this style has been a trend for years now is because of the way it improves the home, and as a result, the quality of life as well. Scandinavian style is all about comfort, and wherever there’s comfort, there’s no stress.

Taking it from the Scandinavian life philosophy, make sure you fill your home with soft neutral colours, bound to bring serenity, and harmony. From the walls, to the flooring, furniture, lighting fixtures, decorating pieces, and textiles to add texture, everything has its role in the overall comfort. A brighter home equals brighter mood, so the advice is to carefully choose the colours you surround yourself with.

Sure, we can’t speak of Scandinavian style without mentioning decluttering. If your home is filled with piles of things you don’t need, chances are they are stressing you out without you even realising it. Get rid of everything you don’t need, and see how your home gets airy, and your mood changes for the better. Life is too short to be spent with things that stress you out!