Our Tips for Welcoming Scandinavian Design in Your Kitchen


March 28, 2018Furniture

A style still longed for by many, the Scandinavian design is here to stay this year too. I’m sensing it’s going to be so with the next couple of years too, and it doesn’t take long to see why: bare, but comfortable, simple, yet luxurious, affordable, and made of sustainable materials, the Scandinavian design pieces continue to win over with their form, and function.

Scandinavian bar stools

Inviting this style at home isn’t just meant for the living room but the home as a whole, given that it’s bound to make for quality life eventually. While thinking of incorporating some of the Scandinavian interior charms in your abode, why not start from the kitchen, the hub of the home? The pairing of Scandinavian bar stools with the wooden kitchen island, and bar, as well as wooden flooring is sure to bring warmth to your kitchen.

Made from sustainable hardwood, such as solid oak and walnut, these furniture pieces are going to further inspire you to welcome more natural materials in your kitchen, and life for that matter, starting from pure cotton and bamboo fabrics in the form of table cloths, and towels, to wooden cutlery you can use as part of the décor and hang them on the kitchen walls.

It’s needless to say the brighter the colours you fill up the space with, the wider it’s going to appear, so along with choosing Scandinavian bar stools, kitchen island, bar, and flooring in brighter tones, be mindful with the choice of colours for the walls as well. The best bet is going for some of the neutrals, and you can always avoid monotony by adding some contrast with the help of vibrant coffee machine, countertops, and even sink.

Don’t forget you can also count on the help of your food, since fruits and veggies have the perfect vibrant colours that your Scandinavian kitchen interior décor needs. Some lemons on the kitchen island, some cherries over the fridge, a dash of herbs on the countertop and you’re sure to see a lively outcome. Of course, you can also add some artworks on the walls, and use the chance to add more earthy tones with the help of corkboards where you can attach some recipes.

It’s important to remember this is after all Scandinavian décor we’re talking about, so there’s only room for the essential meaning you are expected to keep the kitchen free of any clutter, so it would be the comfortable, airy area meant to be.