Our Tips On How To Buy Kids Toys


June 19, 2013Toys


Taking into consideration mental and physical development of a child, proper selection of toys is important. Many parents, however, do not follow this rule. Some justify these purchases of inappropriate toys through their educational and parenting methods; some use the excuse “I did not have such toys and would like my kid to have them”; and some blame their fears and concerns that their kids may accidentally get hurt which is why they continue to buy soft, predominantly round and flexible toys even though their kids are way too advanced for them. Whichever the reason is and regardless of how you shop for toys, in a local toy store or browse online for childrens toys online Australia, toys should be chosen by their functionality, design, child’s age, personality, interests and skills.

Recent studies have shown that majority of parents know very little or nothing at all when it comes to functionality of toys. Videlicet, one of the main links in the chain of toy production are professional teams responsible for design of toys according to age brackets paying special attention to their purpose and influence on better mental development. Thus, when selecting toys take into account shape, size, colors and characteristics of a toy; material it is made of; and kid’s age. If we follow this rule, you should introduce first toys in your kid’s life at around second month after birth. These should be small, soft stuffed toys so a child can learn about the world around him/her through the sense of touch. When a child is about 6 months old, introduce toys made of soft rubber, especially the ones that produce sounds. Also buy toys designed for bath time and the toys safe for your kid to put in his/her mouth.

After your child masters walking skills and until the age of two, when choosing toys greatest emphasis should be placed on the ones that are rolling and the ones that can be pulled. Of course, it is recommended for the toys to be different in shape, size and color and made of natural materials, such as wood, rubber and quality plastic. Also introduce construction and educational toys. Toys of this kind will help your child develop motor, cognitive and reasoning skills. And they are becoming more and more present on the market and consequently in kindergartens, schools and playrooms. You can browse online for childrens toys online Australia and compare prices and customers’ reviews. This will certainly help you choose the best toy for your kid.

From the age of three all kinds of cubes of different shapes and forms will surely help your child become a true “designer”. These toys will keep your child occupied and keep his/her attention for longer period of time. Toys such as dolls, cars and role play can also be introduced now, although they are mostly recommended for kids at the age of five. Also, many parents are getting interested kids outdoor play equipment. These toys such as play houses, slides, swings, etc. are perfect for proper mental and physical development. They also promote thinking, boost mood and intelligence.

Whichever toy you decide to purchase for your kid, it is necessary to always talk with your child and learn his/her desires and reasons behind wanting a certain toy. Also, spend as much time as you can with your child in order to monitor his/her development which is the best guide to buying kids toys.