Our Tips On How To Save Money On Kids Toys


September 13, 2013Toys


Majority of parents will do anything for their kids including spending hundreds of dollars on latest toys. But the problem is that your kids, just like any other kid, does not play long enough to make your money worth. The problem is that the toy may not have all the playing value it should have. For example, the toy should engage child into playing; it should be versatile, meaning having more than one way to play with; and be creative thus boosting your child’s imagination. The more your child uses imagination when playing with a toy; the more ways your kid can play with a toy; and the more your child works to have the toy work, the more he/she will play with particular toy. Such qualities are part of wooden blocks, dolls, pretend play and water play toys, etc. so, if you take your time to learn your child’s interests, you’ll know exactly which type of toy your kid will play the longest with. Doing this will ultimately save you money as you will not have to run to the toy store as often in order to create fun for your child.

Another way to save money on toys is to play together with your child using the toys he/she already has. Most kids loose interest in a toy because they do not know how to use it. For example, if you bought your princess one of Kidkraft dollhouses, it is good to play together at the beginning until your kid learns there is more than one way to use it. Redecorate doll’s bedroom together and give a dollhouse a different personality, one that matches your daughter’s. The same is true for other pretend play toys as they are long-lasting but your child needs to get familiar with at the beginning. Only then will your kid be able to be creative and use own imagination to make playing time with a certain toy fun. Of course, quality is always No.1 factor when choosing toys. The easier a toy may break, the less time your child will play with it and you’ll be forced to buy a new one. As a result, it will cost you more than paying few extra bucks for a toy with higher quality.


If you really want to save money on toys, then get creative. You can easily make some toys on your own. For example, you certainly have few empty shoe boxes laying around collecting dust. Why not make a dollhouse, hand puppets, doll bed, toy car, etc. Or use empty water bottles to create one of a kind water play toys. Or you can even fill bottles with various things and let your little angel explore its content and boost his curiosity. There are many things you can use to create an interesting toys that will engage your child into a fun play and help develop his/her mental, motor and reasoning skills. And while you’ll ensure proper development and growth of your child, you’ll certainly save a lot of money in a long run which you can use for something else. So, get creative.