Our Tips – Side Tables Made Unique


January 18, 2016Home & Decor

t is not just the bedroom where side tables find their most useful purpose; the living room, the balcony, and practically every corner of your home that looks empty will largely benefit from side tables. So, it is definitely time to stop with the cliche way of thinking and wake up the interior designer in you. The first thing you should do is sit in front of the computer and start searching through bedside table online Australia stores; you will face a wide and very stylishly versatile offer of side tables. The next thing is picking the spot in your home that needs a little refreshment, such as the sides of the sofa. And here’s another tip, why not create a place by the windows where you can joyfully have your morning coffee? Check out these few tips on how to decorate your side tables and make them the unique pieces of furniture you so much need in your home.



If your rooms are designed in the modern, minimalistic style with very few elements and ornaments, then layering the side tables will give their appearance the much needed content. Upon entering the room, the first elements that are most commonly noticed are usually the furniture, the walls, and side tables (if any). So the best way to break the colour monotony in a room is to add layers to your side tables. You can use different books or add a few ornaments with various heights and colours. Another tip, get rid of the phone. Unless it is used as a decoration, a phone no longer has a place on the side table.

Statement Lamp

Not just that it’s an important lighting element, a side table lamp in a bold colour and shape is a statement element. It instantly catches the eye as an artistic element; the fact that it lightens up the room is just an additional plus. You can even choose a tall lamp and get the layering effect with it as well.

A Whole New Level of Design

So a side table needs to be a simple square with four legs? So wrong! Get creative and start your own DIY project if you cannot find an already finished one; a painted log with a piece of round glass on it can make a perfect side table for your morning coffee corner in the room. Combine it with two nice sofas covered with blankets and pillows and you have coziness at its finest.


A green plant in the room can make more than just add a splash of organic to the whole ambiance; it can add colour and make the entire room more appealing to the eye. Another positive thing plants bring: they produce oxygen. So, whether it is a simple plant, or something tree-like, plants are always a good decorating idea for a side table.


If you do not have any, you need to get them ASAP. Scent candles in all shapes and sizes are always a good idea as a decoration. Plus, lighting them will also change the smell in your room and turn it into an aroma therapy sanctuary. For this purpose, it is best that you look through side tables online Australia shops to get a square table; a square simple surface will not take the accent off the candles and will perfectly serve its purpose as a nice candle holder.