Proper Packing Supplies: Stress-Free And Successful Move


April 4, 2016Furniture

So, you are about to move to your new home! After weighing out the pros and cons of hiring a removalist company and have them pack your belongings for you, you’ve decided that it is best for you to pack your staffs yourself and leave the heavy work of loading and unloading the truck and transporting your items to a new location to the professionals.

In order to pack your belongings in a proper and successful manner, you will need to have quality packing supplies which include cardboard moving boxes, bubble wrap and packing tape. When it comes to moving boxes, not only can you not do without them, but you will also need a great number of suitable boxes in overall good condition.Moving Boxes

Moreover, when packing for a move, there are some important safety rules that you should keep in mind. For example, lighter items go into bigger boxes and heavy items go into smaller boxes. This means you also need to have moving boxes of various sizes to move your items safely. The local moving company you plan to hire can provide you with a wide range of boxes, from an archive to wine, picture, and even wardrobe boxes.

Bubble wraps and packing tape are other important packing supplies you will need to have as well. Bubble wraps are important not only for keeping your breakable and fragile items safe during the moving but also for filling up empty spaces in the boxes. Last but not least, packing tape. To ensure safety, make sure you buy quality tape rolls from your local moving company.

In addition to proper packing supplies, to achieve a stress-free and successful move you will also need to hire a reliable moving company. This will determine how smoothly the moving process will go. When looking for a moving company, make sure it:

  • Have great ratings and positive reviews from past customers
  • Agrees to send an experienced representative to your place for a detailed inspection of the items that need to be transported
  • Provides you with a written moving estimate where all the moving services and rates are clearly listed
  • Provides you with all the paperwork necessary in a timely manner
  • Shows effort to find effective ways to reduce the total moving price
  • Contributes to a stress and problem-free moving by accomplishing all the contractual obligations in a professional manner.

You should also give preference to a moving company that is accredited by AFRA. This means that the company has qualifications to offer the highest standards services including knowledge of how to use equipment correctly as well as knowledge concerning the latest legal changes.