Read These Tips Before You Go and Buy Bar Stools

If you are thinking of redecorating your home, your first thought would probably be to pay attention to the style in your living room, the paintings and the decorative elements, matching colours and prints, but have you thought of your kitchen seating? While dining rooms are taken more into account for this aspect, the trend of kitchen islands brought about another trend: bar stools. With kitchen islands and counters, we get the possibility to socialise even more.

bar stools

As much of our lives revolve around food, it is no surprise food and socialising go hand in hand, so the design of bar stools is taken to perfection to fit every kitchen of every taste and extend the enjoyment when preparing and eating meals. Though when thinking of bar stools we have the modern image in mind, they actually date long back in time.

First bar stools certainly lacked in comfort and were most probably wooden; they were made after three-legged stools, just differing in height. Because of their height, they quickly spread to bar and restaurant use, including some caf├ęs and that is when their design reached new levels. They also evolved into a type of their own for barber shops and hair salons. More accent began to be put on the comfort and materials used so they got a more refined touch.

When it comes to choosing the ideal ones for your kitchen, you will see there is a large variety of bar stools Australia wide you can pick from, many models differing in style, material and price, so here are a few tips to ease your purchase and assure you in making the right choice.

Height is the primary asset you have to think of when choosing a bar stool. Depending on your kitchen island, counter or breakfast bar and considering you use them during meals, you certainly would not like to have a bar stool that is higher so you would have to sit with a bent back. Width is just as important because you have to buy a number of bar stools that would fit the space requirements. You certainly want to avoid buying many chairs that outmatch your counter width and having to place them one next to the other with no space in between.

Materials used for bar stools can make a difference from time spent on maintenance to dictating style. If you are into a more traditional, somewhat old-fashioned look you cannot go wrong with a wooden or leather bar stool. A combination of the two also makes for a perfect choice as we can see in the Niomi Wooden Bar Stool model which also comes with an additional rubber feature on its base to protect your floor from scratching. Since aluminium is known for its durability, aluminium bar stools are perfect for both indoor and outdoor events. For more comfort you can use cushions.

When you are sure of the style you want for your kitchen, you will know what kind of a bar stool you need, the size, shape and colour and choose from the many bar stools Australia is mad about. If your space does not allow much, backless bar stools are your best choice. They are also great if you want a more minimalist style. For instance Ghost Stool Replica Clear is as good for a chic minimalist kitchen as it is for one that is more vintage-like and does not take up much space. If, however, it is comfort you are after, Virginia Retro Barstool is made for you, providing backrest and footrest.

With these tips in mind, you can rest assured you are set for quality purchase.