Sex, Poppers and Clubbing


April 25, 2016Shopping

So, you were at a party and someone pulled out this weird little bottle which everyone started to pass around and inhale and you weren’t sure what to do because you had no clue what it was. Chances are it was poppers.

party peoplePoppers is the street name for a chemical that is part of the alkyl nitrate family and has a variety of physiological and psychological effects. The original poppers was invented in the mid 1800s and it was amyl nitrite in small glass capsules which you popped and inhaled the vapors – this is where the name came from. It was used in medicine for over 100 years, mainly because it causes vasodilation or relaxation of blood vessels.

Today’s poppers are mostly used for recreational purposes, either to intensify sexual pleasure or to enhance perception in club environments. You can get liquid poppers online or at a local sex-shop and they are typically sold as room odorizers to avoid legal issues .The way to use liquid poppers is to simply open the bottle, put it under your nose, and inhale. Some of the most popular and most potent poppers brands are Jungle Juice, Rush, and Locker Room.

The physical effects of poppers have been well known for years. The nitrite compounds increase your heart rate and dilate blood vessels, which enables faster flow of blood throughout the entire body, including the brain. This results in relaxation of involuntary muscles, increased sensitivity to physical stimulations, a pleasant warm feeling throughout the body, and a head rush or lightheadedness.

As far as the psychological effects go, they have not been scientifically confirmed yet. The lack of research in this area is due to the fact that poppers are generally safe to use and don’t cause physical addiction or any problematic society issues. However, based on subjective experiences, poppers have the ability to stimulate the brain’s pleasure centers; induce a sense of euphoria followed by relaxation; block pain signals; decrease inhibitions; intensify emotions; enhance the perception of sight and sound; and much more.

For many years it was thought that poppers are exclusive to gay culture only because most researches focused on poppers’ ability to relax involuntary muscles, thus making anal intercourse easier and less painful. That of course is not the whole story. Poppers intensify the sexual experience both on a physical and mental level, for gay and straight people alike.

But poppers have also found their way from the bedrooms to the dance floors. In a club setting, poppers intensify the loud, fast paced music and all the visual effects. And just as the loss of inhibitions benefits sexuality, it will also make dancing and socializing a more satisfying experience.

Although poppers are safe to use, people with hearth problems or suppressed immune systems should not use them. Also, have in mind that all forms of nitrates are harmful if ingested and they are highly flammable, so do be careful when using poppers.