Some Tips for Finding the Perfect Saddle Chair


May 9, 2018Furniture

If you are someone who spends the majority of their day in an office, then chances are you are experiencing some form of back pain or discomfort during your day. Spending long periods of time in the same slouched position can cause many complications to your back over time, so sorting this problem out as soon as possible is the best precaution you can take. Back pain is usually the result of bad posture and an ergonomic chair can help you diminish or eliminate this problem. An ergonomic saddle chair promotes good posture as it forces your body to sit in the up-right position and prevents you from slouching.

ergonomic saddle chair


The better the chair fits the natural form of a healthy human body, the better you’ll feel eventually. However, you need to keep in mind that at the very beginning it might all feel a bit awkward since most people don’t hold proper posture. The anatomical contours will serve to correct not exactly fit initially, but with consistence, provided the problem wasn’t all too serious to begin with, you’ll be able to get there.


One of the more common complaints among people who try out a saddle chair for the first time is that it’s too wide. The reason saddle seats are designed that way is that the wider the seat is the better your posture. Having a wider stance forces your back to sit in an upright position, also having a wider stance improves your stability and lets you make side-leaning movements easier. A proper ergonomic saddle chair can also help improve some hip pain that you might have. What’s more, there are many positive reposts from people with arthritis for a significant decrease in pain, once they started using a saddle chair.

Saddle Firmness

When it comes to the hardness of the seat, some people say that the seat is softly cushioned, while others have reported that the same seat is too hard. This usually happens when people get the wrong size seat, if your seat is a larger or smaller size than what you need, you might experience some discomfort that might cause you to think that the seat is too hard, when in reality it’s due to incorrect size. An ergonomic saddle chair is designed to be an anatomical perfect fit to the body, so it is very important to find the right size that matches your body.