Tips and Tricks to Make Gardening a Breeze

David Hobson once said: “I grow plants for many reasons: to please my soul, to challenge the elements or to challenge my patience, for novelty or for nostalgia, but mostly for the joy in seeing them grow.” Truth is, there is no bigger satisfaction for a gardener than the fruitful results of his work in the garden. It is a chance to experience mother nature at its finest. Plus, it is cheaper and almost equally efficient as a therapy session with your psychologist. Why? Well, being busy while working and handling all the details in the garden is a therapy by itself; it simply let’s you unwind and forget for a while about all the problems that disturb your inner peace.

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Many people say that gardening is not as simple as it might seem; and yes, it is true that it requires an initial investment, a lot of time, hard work and diligence. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t simplify your work in the garden and enjoy the benefits of this great recreational activity. Here’s a list of some simple tips and tricks to make gardening a breeze.

Put your efforts into a healthy soil

Healthy soil is of paramount importance for growing healthy plants. Therefore, make sure you dedicate more time to get a soil that is rich with all the essential nutrients that will support the growth of your plants. Ensuring proper fertilization starts with testing the soil and determining the need for specific nutrients in the right amount.

Choose no-fuss perennials

We all dream of having a garden full of breathtaking exotic flowers. But honestly, to grow demanding perennials you definitely need the gardening skills of an expert. Unless you are a professional gardener, steer away from high maintenance plants and flowers. Instead, turn to perennials that are easy to grow and prune. Here’s an idea, the wide variety of grass plants Australia nurseries offer are a great alternative as grass plants provide a great aesthetic appeal and require minimum maintenance.

Make a good plan

In order to get the most out of the aesthetic appeal of your garden space, before you plant your plants, think of their expected height, their water needs as well as the actual space available in your garden. For instance, when it comes to growing grass plants Australia gardening experts recommend planting them on uneven surfaces to fulfill the imperfections on the surface. Also, if possible, make sure the grass plants are not that close to short flowers as most grass plants are tall and will probably shade the smaller ones.

Use mulch

Mulch is a special gardening cover which is used for covering the soil area around plants. It is usually made of organic residues such as dry leaves, grass clippings, straw, wood-chips, hay, etc. Not only that it provides a good aesthetic appeal in the garden, mulch is also good for the overall health of plants. Gardeners use it with to get a better moisture conservation, to improve the nutritional value of the soil, to reduce the growth of weeds and similar.

Get the right tools

Contrary to the popular belief, to garden well you don’t need a wagon of fancy tools that professional gardeners use. Several quality, strong and well-built essential gardening tools are all you need to ease your work in the garden and save yourself some time. Also, don’t forget to buy a pair of high-quality protective gardening gloves to protect your hands from dirt and sharp objects in the soil.