Tips for Buying Bamboo Sheets: Beauty Sleep Not Only for Elites


August 31, 2017Home & Decor

Bamboo is an organic material that is commonly used to make flooring, furniture, and scaffolding, but it also transforms into some excellent bedding. When bamboo fibers are broken down, theycan be woven and turned into a fabric. The bamboo fabric has proven to be softer than cotton and linen and much more durable than artificially made products.

Sheets that are made from bamboo fabric have several benefits to offer, and this is why they are becoming increasingly popular among consumers. In addition to being softer and more durable than other bed sheets, bamboo sheets are also 100% natural, without any chemicals, which make them 100% hypoallergenic.

However, not all bamboo sheets are created equal, so it is important to understand what to look for in order to get the best product available. Here are our tips to help you purchase the best bamboo sheets available on the market.


1. 100% Bamboo or a Blend
High-quality bamboo sheets are made from 100% organically grown bamboo and they are far softer than any blend fabrics, even high count cotton sheets.

2. Softness
The weave of the bamboo fabric ultimately affects how it feels. The two main weave options are bamboo twill and sateen. While both of them are made from 100% bamboo, bamboo sateen sheets are two times softer than twill weave but they also cost a little bit more. Bamboo twill is not as soft as bamboo sateen but it is much softer than cotton.

3. Pull Resistant
The best sheets are twill-woven from cellulose from 100% bamboo. This ensures the sheets are strong and resistant to pulling or threads unraveling from snags or at the edges. When laundry and care instructions are followed, these sheets tend to last a very long time.

4. Check if They can be Tumble Dried if Needed
High-end bamboo sheets are machine washable at low temperatures and they may also be tumbled dry on a low setting if necessary.

5. Consider the Shrinkage Factor
When shopping for bamboo sheets, it is smart to consider whether they are likely to shrink after washing. While this is normal with standard sheets, some of the best bamboo sheets a pre-shrunk. This means when you wash them, further shrinkage is greatly reduced. Twill weave bamboo sheets are known to shrink more than sateen.

6. Make Sure the Retailer Offers a Guarantee for the Quality
As inferior bamboo sheets are also available on the market, it is important to choose a retailer (online or offline) who can offer a guarantee of their product’s quality. A reliable retailer will offer a return policy to all their customers in the unlikely event that the product is not as they expected.

Sleeping on high-quality bamboo sheets is like sleeping on a fluffy cloud. Follow these tips when purchasing your bamboo sheets and you won’t be disappointed with your product.