Tips for Safely Using and Maintaining a Chainsaw


September 11, 2017Industrial Equipment

In the world of today, when so much of our lives is centred on consumerism, and all sorts of costs regarding maintaining our households, and our day to day lives, there are certain things that we could cut down on so we reduce the expenditures. Such expenditure would be hiring tree services, and opting for taking matters into your own hands instead with the help of a chainsaw.

Since the options of chainsaws online are vast, it wouldn’t take you long to find the sort of this power tool that suits your requirements, whether you’re up for a more lightweight variant, like the electric and cordless chainsaws, or a mighty petrol operated chainsaw to tackle bigger unwanted branches, and cut down large trees and logs with ease.


Whichever your choice from the wide range of chainsaws online, the first and most important tip is not to take these power tools lightly, and pile up on the proper protective equipment primarily.

This includes long pants, long-sleeved shirts, or for the first time users a tough material protective shirt, steel-toed boots, goggles, gloves with cut retardant material and protection with holstered grip, and of course, the hard all-in-one helmet that also provides ear protection while saving the head from falling branches.

Up next, once you’ve equipped properly, don’t forget to first inspect the terrain carefully and clear out surrounding debris. This is of great importance especially when it comes to felling trees; you have to know whether there is something in the way of where the tree might fall, so as to avoid any unwanted consequences and injuries. To be on the safe side as well, it’s good to have someone accompanying you in case you need some help eventually, but they should stay far from the tree, at least 60ft away in case of felling.

As soon as you’ve done checked out the terrain, it’s time for some chainsaw action. To safely start the saw, it’s advisable to place it on the ground, holding the front handle with your left hand, right foot on the rear handle, as you push the chain brake forward, pull the start control, and pull the starting handle with the right hand. Once you’re done using the saw, turn off the ignition switch to turn the saw off.

When making cuts, it’s best to keep your legs apart so you have more stability, and never cut above the height of your shoulders, but rather at the level of your waist. To avoid dangerous kickbacks, don’t cut too close to the ground, and don’t cut with the upper portion of the tip – instead, you have to always be aware of its position. If you’re using a corded saw, always be aware of where the cord is to avoid tripping.

As for the maintenance, you shouldn’t start the saw without first checking if everything is in perfect order. Fuel up the engine, check the tension of the chain, the chain brake, oiler, check and clean the bar, and the air filter, and in case you feel like your chainsaw is already in need of replacement, having a chainsaw sharpener would save you from further costs, and help increase the lifespan of your chainsaw. And, don’t forget to read through the saw manual carefully.