Top Notch Head Torches to Rule the Dead of Night


May 20, 2016Electronics

“The night is dark and full of terrors”. Well, not really, but it CAN be pretty terrible if you trip and fall while running in the woods just because you can’t see where the heck you are going. There are many advantages of having a head torch at night, especially in the outdoors, the most obvious one being that it lights your way in the dark while keeping your hands free. This means you can engage in all sorts of activities at night like running, riding a bike, set up a tent, fix your car, read the complete work of Shakespeare, go to the bathroom, climb a tree, dig a hole… OK, that last one is kinda creepy, but you get my point nonetheless.

Top Notch Head Torches

However, to do all that you will need a head torch that isn’t just some regular flashlight duct taped to your head. It must have all the features such as a regulated light output, long runtime, a user-friendly interface, durable and light-weight materials, and a comfortable head strap, that make it a practical and efficient piece of equipment.

When it comes to features and quality, nothing beats the Led Lenser Head Torch. With over 20 years of experience in the industry and hundreds of patents and design awards, Led Lenser is the leading manufacturer of some of the world’s highest-quality LED torches. Here are some of my top Led Lenser Head Torch models.

  • LED LENSER NEO is small, ultra light-weight, and has a unique, fun and colorful design. NEO is a more wallet-friendly option, but this doesn’t mean it lacks quality and functionality. It is a practical and fashionable solution for people of all ages that enjoy the outdoors and want to see or be seen at night. The innovative compact and light-weight design along with an LED that offers great brightness make this head torch perfect for jogging, hiking, skating, and also for use around the house when you need an emergency light.
  • LED LENSER H14.2 has a maximum output of 350 lumens and a light beam that reaches up to 260 metres. This headlamp is an upgrade on the H14 model in terms of brightness and the performance of the patented Advanced Focus System. It provides excellent illumination both at close range and long distance. It incorporates Smart Light Technology that allows you to choose from three light programs and five different light functions with and easy to use Wheel Switch.
  • LED LENSER XEO 19R is a state-of-the-art headlamp designed to meet any challenge. It features a dual LED design with a maximum output of 2000 lumens and two AFS reflectors and X-LENS Technology Pro. What’s also unique about this model is that the two lights can be focused separately and each can operate at a different light output. The OPTISENSE Technology is able to automatically adjust brightness in order to save battery. It also has an IPX6 water resistance rating and it’s compatible with a wide range of mounting systems, including GoPro.