Tips for Turning Your Home Smart


December 25, 2018Home & Decor

As Bridget Jones has said: ”in a digital age where every cell phone is a camera, we are all broadcasters.” Technology has certainly opened up many possibilities, changed our lives in ways we couldn’t even imagine and ameliorated them, allowing us to work from the comfort of our homes.


Speaking of which, the homes are the places where we could use more of technology to our benefit by making them smart. What’s meant by the term smart is connecting the tech items you have to wi-fi. For instance, if you’re done dealing with your blinds and thinking what to do with them when you’re away, just order electric blinds, set them up and automate them using a wi-fi roller blind motors program.

It’s a wise investment considering you’d have control over them anywhere anytime using your smartphone, putting them up or down individually or in group whenever you want with the click of a button, or voice control. Other than the chance to order electric blinds there are additional ways you can seek help of automation so as to make your home know you and your way of life, as in the example of lighting (when it should be on and off, dimmed or not).

In case you want to cut down on your expenses, you should consider the smart electric meters. They aren’t just created to track the use of electricity but also record it which would give you an insight into how exactly you spend in an accurate measure, sending the detailed readings directly to the electric company, making them better than analogue meters.

When you know how you spend throughout the day you can be in the know your habits ought to go through some changes to lower the electricity use, and as a result lower the bills. Now, last but not least, the use of robots. I’m sure many of us aren’t fond of chores, especially when we have busy day to day lives to take care of which is where these companions come in handy.

Though it’s still not exactly the way it was portrayed in the Jetsons, we’re getting there. If you don’t believe it, there are helpful robots that could cut down your chores, and it’s not just vacuuming. You have the chance to choose from lawn-mowing robots, those useful with cooking, robotic self-making beds, and even robots that can watch over your kids and home when you’re not around, among others.

Get one of these and you can scratch a chore off your list for good.