Get Quality Analog and Digital Performance Gauges for Accurate Car or Truck Performance Readings

By Steve George

January 27, 2023Cars

From fuel and oil levels, to water and exhaust temperatures, today’s cars and trucks are equipped with every kind of dashboard, console, and pillar mounted gauge imaginable keeping drivers informed about the status of their vehicle. Invariably, the higher a vehicle’s performance is, the more information the driver needs to have.

That’s why it’s no surprise that vehicles outfitted with high performance equipment like turbochargers, water injection, and air suspension come with an even wider selection of gauges. As such, they take readings on turbo boost, water/methanol flow, and air pressure.

It’s not uncommon for gauges to gradually develop faults or stop working, though – and while a faulty fuel gauge is an inconvenience, a faulty turbo boost gauge can result in a ruined motor in an instant. Suffice it to say, your gauges need to be functional and accurate at all the times, and they need to be replaced quickly if they aren’t.

Australia’s best High Performance Gauges

high performance gauges in your vehicle


If you’re considering doing any type of performance tuning or modifications to your vehicle’s drivetrain or suspension, then it’s likely that you’ll have to add, remount, or replace some of your OE gauges. Fortunately, there’s a wide selection of analog and digital high performance gauges available to choose from for all of your vehicle’s standard or high performance functions.

Regardless of whether you’re looking for a set of stylish, easy to read digital gauges to match the interior of your new ute, or a pair of retro analog gauges to finish off a custom hotrod, there are high quality aftermarket gauges available. This is true for every equipment function and performance measurement, including:

  •  Velocity (speedometers) and engine rotational speed (tachometers);
  •  Engine and transmission oil temperature and pressure;
  •  Turbo boost and exhaust temperature;
  •  Fuel level and pressure; and,
  •  Battery voltage and air pressure.

And with availability in bezel diameter ranges from 52mm – 95mm, most aftermarket gauge assemblies even include their own mounting pods and hardware.

Ultimately, the most difficult part about replacing your gauges is deciding whether you prefer analog or digital. Both have their benefits though, which is why it’s good to know that when it comes to high performance automotive gauges, Australia has some of the best equipment in the world.

The Simplicity of Classic Analog Gauges

simple gauges on toyota car


Uncomplicated analog car gauges resemble the gauges that have been installed on cars and trucks for over a century. Analogs utilize dials and physical motion to display performance information in a manner that’s easy for drivers to visualize. With only a quick glance, a driver has the opportunity to:

  •  Get a straightforward approximation of each reading;
  •  Have a precise sense of the rate of change of those readings; and,
  •  Read dash gauges peripherally, and with no interference from glare.

Modern analog automotive gauges for sale come complete with all the function fitting hardware to easily connect to any vehicle’s existing 12V power and porting connections, and also feature:

  •  Chrome, gunmetal, or black bezels;
  •  White or black dial faces; and,
  •  Selectable backlighting colours.

Ideally, if you prefer classic aesthetics and no-nonsense aftermarket automotive gauges that don’t need to rely on electronics, analog is the way to go.

The Precision of Sleek Digital Gauges

electric display


Easy to read digital automotive gauges are also supplied with all the necessary fitting hardware and wiring, and provide the same performance information that analogs do. Instead of only approximated readings though, they display precise information that’s free from parallax errors or misinterpretation. Crucially, digital gauges don’t contain any moving parts, affording them benefits like:

  •  The ability to derive more incremental information from the same readings;
  •  The ability to display multiple functions on a single gauge; and,
  •  Vibration-proof operation that isn’t prone to shock-related damage.

And while digital auto gauges have the same choices in bezel and face designs as analogs, they offer a wider range of customization options. This allows them to be tailored to individual driver preferences, such as:

  •  Displaying more detailed performance and mode information about functions;
  •  Selectable readout and backlight colouring, along with dimmable lighting; and,
  •  LED warning displays and stylized start-up sequences.

Although digital automotive gauge assemblies can sometimes experience latency delays under hard or inconsistent use, their precision and high tech styling makes them a perfect accessory for newer cars and trucks where clean, sleek instrumentation is desired.

The Efficiency of Dual Reading Combination Gauges
Dual reading, analog and digital car gauge combinations are also available for drivers who like having related instrument readings grouped together in a single bezel. This is especially useful for turbocharged off road vehicles where the readings from different pieces of equipment can be heavily reliant on each other.

For these instances, you’ll find an extensive array of super-efficient dual reading gauges for sale, such as:

  •  Combination turbo boost and exhaust temperature gauges;
  •  Combination turbo boost and oil pressure gauges; and,
  •  Dual air pressure gauges for multi-axle suspension systems.

Depending on how you choose to arrange your dashboard, it’s possible to have as many as 9 gauges (3 dual reading bezels) conveniently installed on a single mounting pod. And make no mistake: when it comes to high performance automotive gauges, the long-term reliability of your gauges is going to be determined by the quality of your mounting hardware.

Mounting Pods for all Your Gauges

Considering the large number of aftermarket car gauges available for every temperature, volume level, and voltage parameter that your vehicle is capable of generating, the mounting hardware selection needs to be just as impressive.

The 1-, 2-, and 3-gauge pillar, clip-in, and dashboard mounting pods make it possible for you to install all of your gauges without cutting up your interior, and are available for practically every right hand drive vehicle ever sold in Australia. The installation processes will vary between vehicle makes, but the fitting for most auto gauge assemblies is as effortless as:

  •  Removing the OE cover or panel that’s going to be replaced;
  •  Removing any fastening clips from the OE panel to reuse on your new mounting pod;
  •  Installing the fastening clips onto the new pod;
  •  Wiring your new interior gauges per their instructions, and inserting them into the pod; and,
  •  Sliding and fastening the new mounting pod into position.

Mounting a set of high-performance aftermarket auto gauges or having the most reliable readings possible, has never been easier.

The Final Word

At the end of the day, regardless of whether your car or truck is factory stock or a tri-turbo custom, you’re depending on the accuracy of your gauges to keep you informed about how it’s performing. It only takes a single instance of a faulty or inaccurate gauge, however, to leave you in costly dilemma that would have been avoidable if you’d have gotten a correct reading.

With new analog and digital gauges installed, you don’t have to worry about getting intermittent or incorrect readings from vital equipment anymore. You’ll know the readings you’re seeing are correct at all times, and you’re going to feel more confident about what your vehicle is capable of doing.