Our Tips for Choosing Thoughtful and Useful Gifts for an Army Member

By Maria Rogerson

December 30, 2022Gifts

Army members are truly honourable citizens who dedicate their lives to serving their communities and countries. Having them in the family is even more special because you get to see their motivation and sacrifice up close and you appreciate all they do on an even deeper level. Of course, you can also show this appreciation with a thoughtful gift you know they’d love and use.

Whether it’s a gift-giving season or not, it’s always nice to treat them to some great surprise. Nowadays, shopping for gifts is easier with online retail, allowing you to come across a range of army-related items in a jiffy. Still, if you’ve never served the army yourself you may have a hard time deciding what to get, something that would be both useful and welcome to them. If that is the case, we’ve got some tips to make your shopping a whole lot simpler.

Buy Them a Drinking Vessel for a Refreshing Break

Source: thrillist.com

It doesn’t matter if you’re buying for a new army member, someone who’s served for quite a while or plans on doing so, or even a veteran, they could all do with a bit of a refreshing break. Your choice of drinking vessels would remind them to take that much-needed break and enjoy a sip of their favourite liquids on the go or at home.

From stainless steel army drinking glasses that are practically indestructible, to stainless steel coffee travel cups, delicate sets of glasses, reusable glass cups, and decanters, there are the perfect containers for any drink they love. Not to mention, such vessels would serve them both in the boardrooms and outdoors, and remind them of you every time they take a sip. You can make the gift even more special and enjoyable if you choose one of the options that are embellished with the Army Rising Sun Badge.

Another detail that makes military drinking glasses a true gift-giving success is the package these vessels come in. Neatly stored in a suitable box, they’d be in top-notch condition, serving your favourite army person throughout their army service and beyond. This is particularly true for the stainless steel options which are known for standing up well to wear and tear, and keeping the drinks tasting great without any odour or leeching of toxic materials.

Keep Them Safe and Dry on the Field with Foot Care

Source: joint-forces

Day in and day out we put our feet through a great deal of stress, especially military members who are out and about on all sorts of terrains. With this in mind, it’s crucial to treat the feet with some TLC more often than not, to maintain them in optimal health and free of any issues like painful blisters or nasty fungal infections. It may not seem like that much of a special gift to you, but buying your army person a nice pair of socks that would keep their feet in perfect condition, safe and dry from sweat or moisture would truly come in handy.

One of the best materials that guarantee all this is bamboo because of its incredible natural moisture-wicking, odour-resistance, and anti-bacterial properties. On top of it all, it’s also thermo-regulating, so it’s even fit for summer wear. There are however different thicknesses, so if you’re looking for something more fit for winter, choose a thick pair of bamboo socks.

You’d also spoil your giftee with prints ranging from navy to air force-related designs and in between. For that extra special gift, you may also choose to treat them to their pair of army boots made for utmost support and comfort, and custom orthotics for an added dose of both if your budget allows it. A relaxing hydromassage foot spa is another excellent choice of ultimate foot care they’re sure to love as it helps prevent swelling, promotes circulation, and reduces strain.

Help Them Stay Organised with the Right Accessory

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The organisation is key when it comes to planning and staying in control over the important tasks that lie ahead. Nobody knows this better than an army member, but it wouldn’t hurt to show them you acknowledge and support this by gifting them an organiser of some sort. There’s a vast array of such accessories to choose from, differing in size, as much as in design, and features.

For some instances, like when they’re trying to stay minimal with the extra weight of gear, a compact MAK (MAGs and Kit) pending wrap is the perfect item where they can store their smaller gear, such as tactical torches, cell phones, pistol magazines, multi-tools, and pocket knives among other essentials. For something bigger, you can pair this with bags and packs.

This could be a design in the likes of a lightweight tool pouch for navigation and paperwork, an organiser set where they can neatly separate their items into different sections, or a backpack with plenty of storage, pockets, and compartments for all the on-the-go essentials like the army drinking glasses and portable cups.

Make sure you buy from an army store because then you can be certain the bag or backpack you choose is tactical and fit for the needs of someone in the army service. These also tend to be sturdier, made from more durable materials, and come with more useful features, like loops, easy access, and mesh compartments, that could be of use in different terrains.