Our Tips for Buying Mazda BT50 Canopies

By Steve George

February 3, 2023Cars

Mazda’s mid-sized BT50 is unquestionably one of the toughest and most powerful utes sold in Australia. The third, and the latest generation of BT50s share the same indestructible platform as Isuzu’s D-Max, so it’s no wonder that tradies, chippies, and off-roaders have such a fondness for these Australian-inspired trucks. Their 4×2 and 4×4 powertrains and suspensions are built to last forever, and they’re surefooted enough to haul cargo anywhere it’s needed.

It takes a proper canopy and tray combination to get the most from the BT50’s 1100kg cargo capacity though, and a BT50 owner could easily wile away several months going through them all. There are packages available, however, that have already been assembled and tested to maximize the BT50’s potential. They contain everything a BT50 owner could ask for, and they look just as good as they perform.

The BT50’s Comprehensive Canopy Upgrade: The S8

Let’s be honest: it’s no surprise that more ute owners are looking to turnkey canopy packages to take the guesswork out of canopy setups. The sheer range of options can be overwhelming, especially for the most popular utes, which is why a custom Mazda BT 50 canopy and tray kit is all you need to have a truck that’s always ready for work or play.

canopy and tray
source: facebook.com

Heavy duty, S8 BT50 canopy packages are a direct replacement for all second and third-generation BT50 factory tubs and bolt straight onto your vehicle’s chassis. What these rugged kits offer instead of the tub is a secure, hangar-sized storage space that has a completely OE feel to it. The S8 package doesn’t look or perform like a collection of aftermarket components, and that’s what distinguishes a truly comprehensive upgrade from ones that are simply pieced together.

It Begins With the Best-Built Tray

The S8 package starts with a premium, 1780mm x 1800mm Mazda BT50 tray that features a TIG-welded 5mm C-channel and main frame, supported by a 40mm x 80mm RHS subframe. These 3.5mm thick aluminium trays only weigh 85kg and include:

·   Mud flaps and flared 3mm mudguards;

·   Tapered 3-strip LED taillights; and,

·   AutoLED license plate lights.

They don’t compromise on any of the Mazda’s OE safety features either, as all of your rear-facing cameras and sensors can be refitted directly onto your new BT50 tray once it’s been installed. These corrosion-resistant trays are the perfect starting point for your truck’s custom canopy package; and with the option for either black or white powder coating, they’re as good-looking as they are well-built.

The BT50 Canopy That’s Designed for Work or Play

The heart of the S8 package is the powder coated, full-sized 1780mm x 1800mm BT50 canopy that lets you get the maximum amount of usable space out of your tray. It’s more than just a cargo box bolted to your tray, though: it’s an aerodynamic feature that’s perfectly shaped to match the footprint of your tray and the BT50’s cab profile.

s8 package
source: facebook.com

These solid-floored BT50 canopies are constructed from heavy-duty 2.5mm flat plate aluminium, are fully TIG-welded, and feature rigid, 3mm reinforcement at the rear that’s sturdy enough to mount a jerry can holder or spare tyre carrier. 2.5mm aluminium tubing is also used to reinforce the roof, allowing for an additional 300kg carrying capacity up top.

Suffice it to say, these hardy Mazda BT50 canopies are built for maximum strength. All of this structural reinforcement isn’t without a reason though, because the S8 package also includes:

·   An integrated 700mm W x 890mm D ¼ dog box section;

·   An attached 1800mm long aluminium roof rack; and,

·   Whale tail style secure door locks.

Even the fully weatherproofed doors on these Mazda BT50 aluminium canopy packages feature handle-style door reinforcement for extra strength. It means these 3-door canopies can haul ladders and building materials, as well as keep all your tools and equipment safe and dry on a job site. And when you’re ready for some recreation, they’re also the perfect canopy for hunting, or setting up awnings or rooftop tents when you’re camping.

Make no mistake: the S8 is the best BT50 tray and canopy package you can buy for work or play, and it’s outfitted just as well under the bottom as it is up top.

mazda canopies
source: mitsalloy.com.au

Custom Tapered Under-Tray Boxes Prevent Problems

If you’re tired of carrying items like straps and jumper cables in a box behind your seat, then you’ll be happy to know that the underside of the S8’s tray also boasts a pair of, powder coated, fully tapered aluminium tool boxes that feature:

·   Fully TIG-welded seams;

·   Full weatherproof and dustproof rubber seals; and,

·   Stainless steel T-handle locks and piano hinges.

Unlike the square or trapezoidal-shaped under-tray boxes that you might normally find on a BT50 ute tray, these custom boxes are true-triangular shaped. Their extra sharp taper is designed to match the tray’s taper perfectly which, not only enhances their clean custom appearance, but also eliminates any voids or gaps that could become filled with unwanted mud or debris.

The Final Word

At the end of the day, with everything Mazda’s BT50 has to offer, it only makes sense that these hard-working utes should be outfitted in a way that their best attributes can be put to use. They’re sure-footed haulers that don’t mind having their cargo capacity put to the test, so an upgrade that gives them the means to securely carry more cargo is the way to go.

A custom Mazda BT 50 canopy and tray kit is just what you need to let your BT50 do what it does best: move cargo. The fact that the S8 is one of the best-looking canopy kits available for any brand of ute only makes it more compelling. If you’ve been looking at upgrading your BT50, this is the way you want to go.