Motorcycle Maintenance: Tips for Keeping Your Precious Bike Alive

By Steve George

December 1, 2016Sports

As you may already know, today’s motorcycles are superior to the ones from fifty or more years ago, for their design, materials, and machining are more appealing, durable and precise than ever before. However, this doesn’t mean that new bikes cannot malfunction or break down. That’s precisely why you need to take proper care of the mechanical beast you own. The three most important things you need to do in order to keep it alive as long as possible are: drive it carefully, store it somewhere appropriate (preferably under a roof), and maintain it well and regularly.

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Speaking of motorcycle maintenance, there are many activities that form this necessary process. Taking your bike to a professional mechanic for its annual check-up should be your first step if you’re not very confident in your mechanic skills. An experienced and reputable mechanic will examine your motorcycle thoroughly, determine its condition, and inform you whether something needs to be done and what exactly that is. If you decide to do the examination and maintenance yourself, then you’ll definitely need some cleaning and motorcycle maintenance products, such as quality gear oil and brake fluid. Oh, you should also obtain and follow an instruction manual, especially if your bike is new and/or unique.

When inspecting your motorcycle, you should always check its tires, its engine, the chain, the brakes, the fluid levels, and the lights. You don’t have to be an expert to know that riding a bike with worn out tires or worn out chain is extremely unsafe, which explains why these two motorcycle parts are frequently replaced. Speaking of replacing, I’m sure you’re well aware of the fact that changing the old engine oil is crucial, for it will eventually break down and wear out, which means that it will no longer lubricate the engine, absorb heat, and thus allow the internal parts to work together effectively. You should have in mind that during the summer days more engine oil is consumed, whereas in the cold winter months the oil will last you longer for you’ll probably avoid riding your bike.

Furthermore, maintaining the brakes of your bike is extremely important because your life may depend on their normal functioning. Cleaning the air filter is another significant piece of the puzzle because this motorcycle part prevents dirt from entering and damaging the engine. If you usually ride your bike through dusty streets, then cleaning the air filter as often as you can (for example, once a week) is highly recommended.

It doesn’t matter whether your ride is five or fifty years old – maintaining it properly is a must if your goal is to keep it (and yourself) alive and healthy.