Our Tips for Buying Natural Moisturizers for Face

By Maria Rogerson

March 8, 2019Health & Beauty

Dealing with an itching, flaking, taught and drab-looking skin is not fun at all. While in most cases this can be genetic, that doesn’t mean that you can’t do anything about it. My tip? Include a moisturizer in your skincare routine. You can find this beauty product in a form of a cream, ointment, oil or lotion, but no matter what form you choose to get it in, the more important thing is to buy natural moisturisers for face. For some people buying natural products is just a hype, while for others it’s of the essence for their daily skin routine. However, here is the truth and the reasons why you need to include a natural moisturiser in your face care routine.



Any Australian company that wants to label its skin care products organic needs to ensure all of them are made with 95% organic ingredients. So, if you choose a natural moisturiser that is certified as organic, you can be sure you won’t be putting any chemicals and toxins on your face such as talc, petrochemicals, synthetic colours, and fragrances, etc. Instead, natural moisturisers for face contain natural ingredients like shea butter, jojoba oil, aloe vera, flower extract, etc. Applying this kind of product on your face will make your skin feel rejuvenated, fresher and feeling a bit lighter.

It works

When buying a natural face care product, you are buying a product made of pure ingredients that will feed and enrich your skin. Natural vitamins, plant-based antioxidants and liposomes, therapeutic grade nut and seed oils, essential oils, essential fatty acids, certified organic herbal extracts are just some of the ingredients you will find on the label of certified natural moisturisers. It is time to ditch those cheap products that have been sitting in your bathroom’s vanity for years now and opt for products coming straight from nature.

Eco-friendly and ethical

The fact that a certain company produces natural moisturisers and other organic skin care products shows that the company cares about the environment. These are usually small businesses which are completely opposite from multinational companies which all they care about is making profits. Apart from using natural ingredients, certified organic companies also use biodegradable packaging solutions. They are ethical as well. Every natural product must adhere to specific rules and no animal testing is allowed. All the products must be clearly labeled so that customers know what they are buying.


Natural moisturizers are not cheap, but they are affordable. When compared to the moisturisers produced by some world-known names you will find that natural ones cost much less. This is because you pay more for the name of the brand, advertising, and marketing instead for the product itself. You can also find some cheaper moisturizers, but keep in mind that you usually get what you pay for. A cheap moisturiser for a face will have nothing more than a bunch of lab-produced ingredients mixed with water.