Spinning Reel: Maintenance Tips

By Steve George

January 27, 2016Fishing Sports


Have you noticed something wrong with your fishing pole? The last couple of times you went fishing something did not feel right? It felt like your spinning reel was stuck with sand and paper? When you retrieved it, you struggled as if you are pulling a whale but there was nothing attached to your pole? We have the perfect fishing tips that can help you solve the problem quick and easy. You can find all of the steps that comprise the answer below:

How to Prepare

For one thing, you need to know that winter is the right time for maintenance and recalibration. For this purpose, some people use common home items like grease, rubbing toothbrush or you can buy quality reel oil that will make your fishing pole look like brand new. The last couple of years, a wide range of reel oils have appeared on the market, a lot of which have a molecular structure fully compatible with the metal mechanism. These may be twice more expensive than normal ones, but they give you guaranteed results regarding cleaning your spinning reel. You will be amazed how these new professional lubricants can upgrade its performance.


The Right Way to Do It

Well, you can certainly follow my lead on this one. My first time started with finding experienced fisherman and using his fishing tips, of course, with supervision and some occasional interference. Later on, I learnt how to handle it myself by using the following guidelines:


  • Grab an old and used egg carton where you can store the parts from the fishing reel. Be careful, cause you can lose a lot of time searching for those tiny parts – trust me it can give you a headache. Next, take down the spool. Clean it and and add few drops of oil. Of course, it is mandatory to use the molecular reel oil, not your house common oil, since it would not have the same effect. Household oil disconnects and hardens the reel wires quickly, but the downside is that can make a layer of crud on the wires.

  • Check if the nut from the bottom to the upper side is screwed tightly. Firmly press a few drops of the reel oil on the roller that cloaks the line around the reel spool. Spread some oil also on the part where the reel spool meets the bail spring. Carefully remove the handle by unscrewing it backwards.

  • Apply some of the molecular oil on the handle and inside the shaft that is inside the fishing reel. Take off the side plate and get inside the guts of the reel. Inside you can find the main bearing. Lift it gently and remove the main gear if you can. Put down the bearing in kerosene or rubbing alcohol to soften the grease out. Clean the teeth of the main parts with an old brush and degreaser.

  • Wait until all parts are air dry and apply molecular oil to the bearing with a tiny portion of grease to each tooth of the gear. Make sure that the inside of the reel are not contaminated with crud, sand or dirt. If you use spray it may damage some of the plastic parts inside and damage the reel badly.

  • Grease the spiral gear in the bottom and in the front with an easy coating of molecular oil. Careful when you apply grease, cause can make your fishing reel like it is full with mud. Now it is the time to put all the parts together and walla! – You have your fishing pool feeling and looking like a brand new and ready to bring you triumph for many fishing trips to come.