Tips for Choosing the Right Bike Storage Shed

By Maria Rogerson

September 16, 2021House & Garden

You got a bike or two and you wonder where you can store them, so they won’t take up space inside your basement or hallway? You need an extra space that will be safe, so the bikes won’t be exposed to the elements or the hungry eyes of potential thieves. In this case, you need a shed specially assembled for your bike.

Yes, bike storage sheds are a thing and if you have some space in your backyard, or around the house, it can be a perfect place for your bicycle. This isn’t a huge investment but it can make significant changes to your yard’s organization.

Here are a few things to consider if it’s your first time buying bike storage sheds.

Determine the Size of the Shed

The size of your shed should be suitable for the number of bikes you will store in there. So, it’s simple, how many bikes do you own? That should determine the final dimensions of the unit. If you have one adult bike and two kid bikes, then be sure to get a shed that isn’t too large, since kids’ bikes are smaller and don’t take up that much space.

Also, keep in mind that you should be able to walk inside the shed even with the bikes in there. If you prefer having a bit of space to work, then a larger shed is a good idea. If a regular bike is about 1 meter tall, and about 175cm long, and you only own one bike, then go with a shed with dimensions 180 x 60 cm. That is quite a small shed, that will only be enough for the bike (you should be able to get inside and that’s it).

If you own more than one bike. consider larger sheds such as 180 x 90cm (for two bikes), 180 x 120 cm (for three bikes), 180 x 150 cm (for four bikes) etc. These numbers shouldn’t be taken literally; some people have large mountain bikes, and they are obviously larger than a simple urban bike.


There are three choices for shed materials – wood, metal and plastic. Each of them has its own advantages and downsides.

Wooden Bike Sheds

Wood is a traditional material used for bike storage sheds. It was the only material in the past when people started making sheds. Today, wood is quite affordable, it’s easy to work with and will look excellent in your backyard. If it’s well-made, it will protect your bikes from the elements and potential burglars.

You can get it in any shape and size; it’s easy to customize and you can get the shed exactly how you want it. This material is eco-friendly but will require maintenance. You will have to prevent it from rodents, insects and from sun damage.

Metal Bike Sheds

Metal is also a good choice and is as popular as wood. This material will protect your bikes from theft much better than wood or other materials. It is water-resistant, won’t fade, bend or crack and insects or rodents cannot really damage it. If your climate changes a lot (hot summers, cold and snowy winters) this material might be the best option since it will endure anything from heavy rains and snows to long and hot summer days.

The metal should be properly galvanised, so it won’t rust. It doesn’t require any special maintenance, other than a quick wash with soapy water. The aesthetic part isn’t so great, but you can always paint the shed so it can look better and won’t disrupt your lovely backyard’s design.

Plastic Bike Sheds

Also known as resin, plastic bike sheds are new (much newer than wood and metal). They are very popular, easy to transport and lightweight, so you can easily assemble them (they have a few parts). These units won’t rust or rot but they do require maintenance every now and then.

How Will You Access the Bikes

The bikes should fit in the shed, but how will you access them is a very important question. It’s not only important to get them, but out also. In the best conditions, every bike should be removed without interfering with the others. The bikes will go backward and forward instead of sideways (not too many sheds allow you to move sideways).

Location and Security

Since you want to keep your bikes protected, it’s best to place the shed in your backyard, where only you and your family have access. If you have limited backyard space, it’s best to place the shed close to the house. Also, don’t forget to place the shed in a way where you will always have a look at the door of the shed. You don’t want to have the entrance on the opposite side and give burglars a chance to get in without being noticed.