Expert Tips for Removing a Tree from Your Property

By Maria Rogerson

July 5, 2018House & Garden

For those of you who own a yard, I’m sure nothing is more beautiful than a tree gracing your landscape. Not only does it give you a refreshingly cool shade to relax under in the summer, but it’s also an eye-catching element that enhances your curb appeal and gives value to your home. Unfortunately, no matter how strong a tree appears to be, it’s still vulnerable to the forces of time and nature. Whether it’s due to damage from bad weather, a tree disease, or simply due to age, there will come a time when it will need to be removed.


One of the biggest mistakes that homeowners make when it comes to removing a tree is attempting to do it themselves. If you are ever tempted to remove a tree from your property, it’s important to consider a few things before undertaking such a delicate task. For one, are you actually allowed to fell trees by yourself in your area? There are certain restrictions in Australia when it comes to cutting down residential trees, and these strict rules do not vary only by state but by local council as well.

That being said, it’s best to think twice before you bring out the chainsaw. Better yet – why not enlist a professional tree service to take care of the removal? Hiring experts is probably the best decision, as sometimes the process before and after removing the tree is more complex than felling the tree itself, which takes only a second.


First of all, I’m sure you do not have the necessary tools to take down a tree. Second, are you able to do it safely? I’m sure the answer is ‘no’. On the other hand, experts have all the right equipment to take on this task safely and efficiently. Damage to property, vehicles, power lines and injuries to people are all genuine risks when it comes to tree removal. That’s why it’s so important to have a professional tree service inspect the tree to find the right way to fall it without causing any damage to the surroundings.

But even after the tree is cut down, not all work is done. There’s still more to it than it meets the eye. Remember, a tree grows under the surface as well, and removing it involves more than cutting down its branches and trunk. There’s also the stump that needs to be removed, which can be more complicated if you don’t have the right tools or expertise to do so. And at the end of the day, all that debris left needs to go somewhere other than on your precious lawn. The professionals you’ve hired will gladly do the disposal for you, and you’ll have more time on your hands to clean and neaten your yard to perfection again.