Our Tips for NOT Being the Weird Friend During a 21 Questions Game

By Maria Rogerson

September 14, 2016Society

Who doesn’t like playing games? Exactly, no one. Life’s based on all of these little games we play and as much as we all hate to lose, there’s no thrill if there’s no venture. For the sake of the lesson that is to be learned, I am going to drop the metaphor since we are going to be discussing an actual game friends play.

21 questions game

For all of you that have heard about the 21 questions game and have a basic knowledge of its rules or lack thereof, the idea itself may sound a little bit dull – cause there’s no winner. You may even let yourself be fooled that no harm can be done by answering a few innocent questions. Just some 21 random questions. Well, yeah, it does sound innocent right up until you realize that since this game is not about how fast you answer or whose turn you take or what word you restrain from using, people are actually going to listen to your every word. For real. They’ll listen with the attention of a nosy neighbor and you better know what to do, otherwise, you’ll be screwed.

First off, remember that this isn’t a dating questions game or a couples game questions, so try to keep it clean so that you don’t give other people nasty ideas. Since you are reading this, I believe that you’re not the kind of person that would like to put someone else in an awkward position, but it doesn’t mean other people are just like you. In order to have an ace up your sleeve as to maintain good questions game, have some ideas ready.

You can avoid uncomfortable situations by either asking more intellectual questions, responding to touchy subjects with sarcasm, but there’s also this priceless trick you don’t want to miss out on. I had this colleague at college that used to get very nervous whenever she had to speak in front of an audience. However, she was forced to do that from time to time (we all were) cause we had to present and discuss projects on different topics. In order to comfort her, I told her that she’s not alone, we all feel nervous before delivering a public speech and there’s nothing to be ashamed of. Right then and there, she cheered up and said: You and my beaten heart just gave me an idea! How cool would it be if I presented a paper on overcoming the fear of public speaking? Needless to say, it all went so well, her nervousness was actually the most charming thing happening in that room, as she was explaining how it all happens using scientific references and also, jokes.

So, there you go. If nothing works to shut up the jerks, just use the whole situation for your own benefit. Incorporate the theme of being embarrassed and feeling nervous into your 21 questions and beat them at their own game.

source: Blog Happens