Our Tips for Saying Cute Things to Your Girlfriend (Brush up Your Inner Shakespeare)

By Steve George

November 19, 2016Love & Relationships Society

Saying Cute Things to Your Girlfriend

There’s something in the lines of Shakespearean times, oh wait, but who said that the times of hardcore romance belong only in the past… Maybe the medieval practice of schooling oneself on how to woo women is as dead as Latin, but just as the language has found a way to influence modern linguistics, here you are, searching the net for a piece of romantic advice.

Women are complicated and men wouldn’t have it any other way. This is the reason why the online world is overflown with cute things to say to your girlfriend. However, if you want to go beyond your regular Tom, Dick or Harry, you need to awake your inner poet.

It’s the era of hipsters and that can mean only one thing, the focus has never before been more on authenticity and this applies to the way we walk, dress and how we talk to impress. Mind you, it doesn’t mean that you should follow a strict routine or learn something by heart. However, if you want to make sure that you and the girl you adore will never be apart, walking the extra mile regarding romantic things to say might save the day.

OK, you might not be good at writing poems yourself, but you can find a poem such as the classic “She Walks in Beauty” by George Gordon, Lord Byron, write it on a piece of paper, underline all the things that remind you of your girl and write short and cute explanations why is that so. For instance you can underline “And all that’s best of dark and bright” and say that this reminds you of the contrast her pale skin and black hair make. This will really set you apart from all other guys that have ever tried to say nice things to your girlfriend.

If by any chance you are able to write nice things to say to a girl in the form of a poem, go ahead, but you have to be absolutely sure that your writing can stand a chance regarding romance, otherwise you will embarrass yourself.

If you already had a certain pattern reading how you express yourself romantically and you feel reluctant to make a transition, remember that any change is sometimes better than no change at all. In addition, the best way to step up your game regarding cute things to text your girlfriend is to add a surprise effect and be as spontaneous as you can.