Our Tips For Organizing a Conference

By Steve George

April 8, 2013Conference gifts Shopping


Your boss has just assigned you a significant task of organizing a conference. Initial feelings of excitement and importance have evaporated quickly after realizing the amount of work required to successfully organize this event. Yes, there are certain perks to this such as meeting new clients, conference gifts and expanding your organizational and managerial skills. And the opportunity to show your skills in administrating finances as well as people, which might enhance your career.

On the other hand, organizing a conference comes with a mile long ‘to-do’ list. Aside from making a list of all guests and sending out the invitations there is deciding on a menu, choosing a venue and going through all conference gift ideas that will work for this event. No need to worry, we’ll give you few of our tips for organizing a conference and advice on some conference speaker gifts.

Focus on Your Target – Make a list of all current and new clients, managers and other staff and decide who should be invited. Use the conference topics and theme to decide who should attend and who shouldn’t. Also, focus on your target audience to further customize your guest list.

Stick to Your Budget – Plan your budget and stick to it. Try to target all expenses cost-effectively since it will be crucial in executing your overall plan. Do your research on the costs including food, decorations and conference gifts and target for most economical budget. Do not forget to allow certain percentage for unforeseen expenses.

Mission Impossible – First of all decide and secure a day of conference. Remember set date and time when it’s most convenient for your guests to assure high attendance. Now, decide on a venue. Use your set goals and guest list when deciding on a hall room and make sure it meets requirements of your conference. After you have completed ‘when’ and ‘where’ decide on a menu. Either hire a catering service or have the venue’s kitchen provide food for your guests. Make sure the food is light and fresh and do not forget drinks (no martinis of course).



Choose Your Secret Weapon – Now lets go shopping. Get your conference gift ideas list and visit nearby mall or browse on-line for appropriate conference gifts. You can always get gourmet hampers or sets of natural beauty products and surprise your guests. Wooden boxes of wine or champagne with set of glasses is what we recommend for your list of conference speaker gifts.

Execute – You have successfully organized your first conference. A well done job. However, do not forget to get to the venue early to make sure everything is in order and to execute your final goals. Have fun and enjoy your success.