Our Tips for Hair Treatments

By Maria Rogerson

April 8, 2013Hair care Health & Beauty

female-hair-loss-treatmentImbalances in our lives show up, most often, on our face in the form of unwanted wrinkles, blemishes or redness. However, for growing number of women, regardless of their age, this imbalance reflects in the form of hair loss. Poor diet filled with junk food; depression, anxiety and never-ending stress over various problems create certain tension in woman’s body and thus lead to hormonal imbalance. If we add inescapable genes to this equation, we’ll get a perfect recipe for female hair loss.

One would think that, due to the fact that hair loss in women is wide spread illness, there is a cure for it. Contrary to the popular belief, hair loss is still an enigmatic illness for science and its followers. That is why many women are very secretive about this problem and try to hide it altering their hairstyle or by the use of various hair pieces. Regardless of how painful it is, if you suffer from female hair loss, you should face the problem and search for available hair loss treatments. Read on for few of our tips on effective treatments that might help you.

Diet – Doctors say what we eat is what we are. Therefore improve your health by changing the way you eat by adding food that is rich in nutrients and minerals. Protein is known for promoting hair growth, so load up your kitchen with dairy products, eggs, lean meats and nuts. Add about six servings of fruits and vegetables to this to create healthier scalp.

Herbal Hair Loss Treatment – Many who suffer from female hair loss swear by herbal treatments. Herbal medicine has been well-know and practiced since the beginning of human existence. Doctors who practice this type of medicine recommend Aloe Vera treatment for hair loss. Aloe Vera has been known as a miracle plant since her use is wide spread. This plant contains an enzyme called superoxide dismutase that can stimulate hair growth. If rubbed in the scalp and hair every night good results are guaranteed.

Minoxidil – This approved treatment, better known as Rogaine, has been used for treating hair loss in women since 1988 and has proven astonishing results for many women. What works for some does not necessarily mean it works for all. Anyhow, many women who use Rogain claim it has helped them improve not only hair growth but impair their mental state as well. Minoxidil is over‐the‐counter drug and is used twice a day by massaging scalp.

Hair transplant – Hair transplant is a surgical hair loss treatment where hair is removed from dense growth area and transplanted to a bald area. This is one of the most effective treatments available nowadays. It is also the most expensive one as well. However, doctors say that not every woman is a candidate for this procedure. In fact, only about 20 % of women are ideal candidates.