ATV Parts: Get Increased Protection, Versatility and Reliability

By Steve George

June 12, 2024Automotive

ATVs are one of the best-selling vehicles for getting your off-roading thrills. They’re a fun way to hone riding skills at any age, from youngsters to adults. And they’re a safer and more stable vehicle compared to dirt bikes. Options have exploded in the last few years, and ATVs and their bigger UTV cousins are no longer reserved only for farm work. Sports variants built around powerful engines, capable chassis, and agile suspension can muster 3-digit speeds on dirt trails with a simple twist of the right hand. And bigger side-by-sides are now better equipped with creature comforts, more loading space and higher towing capacities for serious tasks at any job site.

They can also carry a few mates for more fun. The rise of quad bikes Down Under is part of a global trend, with buyers now having more models and features to choose from, and a range of protection, performance and convenience upgrades offering better reliability, more speed, enhanced protection and looks, and a vehicle ready for anything you throw at it. 

If you need replacement parts or are looking for upgrades, the best place to shop is an online parts store. This can deliver a range of ATV parts Australia-wide within usual business hours. It will also have more stock from the usual brands, and parts that you won’t find anywhere else. Most buyers seek better protection for their quad in the form of skid plates, CV guards and bespoke front and rear bumpers; improved versatility and more traction with the right tyres, and better reliability in parts that fail early, including axles shafts, boots and drive belts. 

Upping Protection 


Why Use Skid Plates?

Skid plates are protective parts that attach to the bottom of the quad. The main goal is to protect vital engine and transmission parts from damage incurred by hidden rocks, branches, flying debris and other nasties that can wreak havoc on the machine. In such cases, they’re the first line of defence and stave off costly repairs in wild rides. 
While you can make your own (using scrap metal and some basic fabrication skills), there are now custom skid plates that fit and have the exact dimensions to suit any ATV or UTV model.

The parts can be optioned in several materials, from lightweight aluminium, stronger stainless steel, or even lighter but still sturdy carbon fibre and reinforced polyethylene plastic (UHMW) options for more dent and scratch resistance, shock absorption and durability. 
Choose variants that cover the whole undercarriage or more exposed vehicle parts, ensure skid plate kits are supplied with the right mounting hardware and opt for packaged deals with included CV guards for all-around protection. 

Add Front and Rear Bumpers 

Front and rear bumpers or brush guards clear any obstacles directly aimed at damaging the quad bodywork, electrics, engine and drivetrain parts. To escape busted headlights, dented radiators or other disasters that can leave you in the middle of nowhere, source either tubed or sheet-metal bumpers. They have enough strength and are optioned in thickness to absorb most impact while leaving the rest of the quad unscathed. And if you’re after outright versatility, get winch-ready bumpers when tackling tougher terrain, or need a productivity boost with attachments. 

Optioning Tyres for the Terrain 


Besides additions like winches for recovery purposes, hitches and tow balls for towing, or light bars when riding in dark and hazy conditions, the best versatility across different terrains is offered with the right tyres. Your quad comes with tyres in medium treads straight from the showroom. While these are good for most purposes, they can struggle to get grip down on looser surfaces or impact the speed you can achieve on lighter trails. Equip your ATV or side-by-side with tyres that offer the best stability and traction for the intended use. 

Mud tyres are necessary to get the most out of deeper mud and loose ground or gravel, with deeper treads and meatier block placement biting more into the ground. For sand, choose smoother treads in thinner profiles and designs that wick sand away with each turn. Of course, you can also choose multiple-purpose tyres with a road or off-road bias to suit your needs. 

When buying, additionally consider ply count. Tyres with fewer plies or the separate layers that go into its construction are lighter, and can offer better traction on smoother surfaces, but are also more prone to punctures. Those with 6 or 8 plies cover the middle ground and offer better durability and puncture resistance while being a bit heavier. For extreme uses go with 10 or 12-ply tyres as these last longer and can handle more weight in bigger vehicles. 
Lastly, get the right compound. Softer compounds can get to speed faster but also suffer more wear,, while medium to hard variants are more in line with tough rock crawling or technical trails. They’ll also last longer. Shop tyres from dedicated ATV parts Australia stores 

Drivetrain Replacement Parts 

If you’re after lasting fun, then the condition of the drivetrain parts, including drive belts, CV boots and axles needs to be top-notch. These are directly involved in power transfer. Axles also handle vehicle and rider weight and work with the suspension to keep the quad glued to the ground for better traction through the tyres. 

Vehicles with higher power and torque ratings can be punishing on the shafts, joints and bearings. And they will bend, seize or snap axles straight off the vehicle if there’s less lubricant in the joints to reduce friction and heat, or when the metal endures excess fatigue. Either way, difficulty steering, clicking and popping sounds, and issues when trying to get the quad in reserve are some of the many signs that axles and connected parts need replacing.

Assembled variants are readily available in front and rear, left and right units from any well-stocked ATV parts store dotting the country. 
Aftermarket options offer better build, superior materials and easy installation with pre-assembled units with thicker high-strength steel shafts, precision-engineered joints, industrial heat-treated bearings and thick rubber boots for better puncture resistance.