How to Choose the Right Cement Mixer

By Steve George

January 21, 2022Industrial Equipment

Buying a cement mixer isn’t like buying a pair of shoes or clothes. Being the main tool with which you can mix cement for your construction project, you need to invest in one that is of quality, friendly to the pocket and with great performance features. Otherwise, you risk investing in a cement mixer that won’t serve its purpose at all, so you’ll end up spending more than planned for a new and more proper model.

In order to avoid this mistake, you should find a trusted tool store. In fact, this is one of the first steps towards having a successful purchase. Whether a DIY enthusiast, a contractor, a small or a large business company, the chosen store has to provide you with lots of tool options that can only facilitate your construction. And with the huge choice on the market (both online and offline) you can easily find the most reliable one.


Besides the huge product choice, these tool shops also have friendly, experienced, professional and knowledgeable technicians and staff who would be there to recommend you the best possible solution for your needs. Now, back to the cement mixer, buying the right one is pretty straightforward, and this can also be confirmed by the store experts’ side. But being prepared and knowing what to look for when in the store (instead of waiting only on their recommendation) could help you better understand the product and how it works.

Type of Work

Another great advantage of these mixers is that they aren’t affected by external temperatures. They are pretty straightforward when it comes to their work as well and most importantly, they’re quite light in weight. Another great thing about these mixers offered in a trusted tool store is that they can run on single-phase electricity and on three-phase electricity where the latter is considered more powerful.

First things first, you should decide whether you want an electric or petrol powered cement mixer. As you may assume, the electric ones run on a power supply, they’re relatively affordable and are in need of less to no maintenance. Once you have it, all you’ll have to do is to plug it into a power source and start pouring the cement mixture into it.


Petrol mixers, on the other hand, are considered more versatile because they can work without electricity, allowing you to use them in different places. Usually, these types of mixers are mainly used for larger construction projects. The main downside is that they are pretty bulky and noisy.

Frame and Wheels

Given the fact that mixers are designed to deal with a lot of cement which is quite heavy, and may need to be moved around the construction place according to your needs, you should choose a steel mixer. It’s said that a cement mixer made of solid steel is stronger and it can last longer than any other type of material.

Regarding the wheels, you should choose a mixer that has quality wheels that are able to withstand constant movements, especially on bumpy ground. Taking that into account, it’s said that the mixer’s wheels should be large and thick, otherwise, you risk dealing with spills because the mixer won’t be able to withstand the load.


Drum Volume

The drum’s (also known as tank) volume determines how many batches you’ll make to get enough concrete. What you need to know is that it’s recommended the mixing capacity should be less than the total drum’s volume. Keep in mind that the bigger the drum the less time you’ll waste on making more batches.

New or Second-Hand

There really is no need to say that new cement mixers are better than the used ones. However, if you’re on a tight budget, you can either invest in a second-hand mixer that might have poor quality, or in a new one that you can pay gradually thanks to the amazing delayed payment options like ZipPay, AfterPay, OpenPay and the like offered by trusted tool stores etc. That way, you’ll get the chance to enjoy the benefits and performance offered by your new cement mixer that can last way longer than a second-hand one.



Choosing the right cement mixer size can mainly depend on your needs and applications. Truth be told, you can find a vast array of quality mixers ranging from mini to industrial size mixers. In order to find the right one, you should take into account the type and size of the jobs your business is usually tasked with.


The performance of the mixer is closely-related to its motor power, motor output and mixing method. So, consequently, a mixer with a powerful engine will be able to mix the concrete literally all day long on a daily basis, and vice versa which explains the fact that choosing a mixer with a more powerful engine is always a better idea.