Clutches for Ladies: Why Wear Them and Tips on How to Wear Them

By Maria Rogerson

June 10, 2019Fashion

I’ll start this post as a rant and I’m sure the women readers would agree with me on the subject: pockets. No matter the type of jeans I wear, I always have to use my husband’s pockets to store my phone, a lipstick, the wallet and keys because I can’t even fit my hands in mine and from what I see it’s not only me who’s been having this problem so pocket size really matters .

I know, I know, why don’t I just get a bag instead but I don’t like wearing bags, because in my experience bags were much easier to steal from than pockets. And anyway I like being bagless especially when I travel, less luggage to carry and worry about, more room for other items, free hands and no weighing down of either of my shoulders to the point of affecting my posture.

I have to admit though it’s not easy being, or at least trying to be, a minimalist in outfits when your husband and his large pockets aren’t around which is what led me to my solution in the form of the versatile clutches for ladies. It’s just what a minimalist could ask for: they’re small, they’re simple yet so fashionable, and practical as I have the right amount of space for my essentials.

Usually there’s the tendency to associate them with nights out and special occasions, however, the wide range of clutches for ladies, available in a variety of prints, sizes and designs proves they’re ideal for just about any day or event you can think of, including ordinary ones as it gives you an increased sense of stylishness, immediately uplifting your outfits with the right dose of sophistication.

Tips on Wearing

Two Hands

It’s no surprise they’re the favourite pieces of accessorising to the Duchess of Cambridge. If you feel like wearing it classy as she does, the tip is to hold it in front of you with both hands. This is great as it allows to free a hand if needed, holding it in the same way only in one.

One Hand

If you do choose to wear it in one hand only, apart from the elegant way Kate Middleton-style, you could hold it simply by the tip loosely downward – this is a more casual approach.

Under the Arm

If you prefer walking hands-free like me, you would likely choose this option. No matter the size of the clutch, you could carry it under your arm without the worry it would fall off, trust me I’ve been carrying them like this since I fell for their charm.