Conscious Fashion: Reasons Why You Should Wear Bamboo-Made Clothes

By Maria Rogerson

March 12, 2019Lifestyle

The fact that today bamboo is used in construction, furniture and production of clothes is a proof of the inventiveness of modern manufacturing and the versatility of this incredible natural resource. The clothing pieces that are made of bamboo offer unique and valuable benefits to the planet and the users as well. Read on for more details about some of the benefits of bamboo fabric.


Anti Bacterial/ Anti Fungal

One of the main reasons why bamboo fabric is recommended for everyday use is that it has strong anti-microbial properties. When compared with cotton, it is believed that bamboo has 3 times stronger anti-bacterial qualities. This is due to the fact that in the wild, bamboo thrives without the need for pesticides and fertilizers. It rarely gets affected by pests or infected by pathogens. Another reason that makes all this possible is that bamboo contains a bio-agent known as “bamboo kun” the purpose of which is to retain the anti-bacterial properties in the fabric. And, while in production, bamboo fabric doesn’t require any harmful chemicals, thus avoiding any possible skin issues of the wearers in future.


Bamboo plant is one of the most sustainable natural resources. It is practically self-proliferating, sprouting new shoots from its root system at all times. Another perk is that the plant doesn’t require replanting each year. So, consequently, that makes all the T-shirts, dresses, pants, knitwear and everything produced with bamboo fabric sustainable pieces of clothing. Let’s take sustainable knitwear, for instance. You will be wearing an appealing piece of clothing, that makes you feel comfortable, fresh and dry while keeping the environment safe and the air clean. Yes, it does that too. Bamboo plants absorb carbon dioxide from the air and release a large amount of oxygen into the atmosphere. So, that sustainable knitwear that you bought, will do so much more than make you look good. It will additionally make you feel useful since you are helping the environment at the same time.

Biodegradable Fabric/ Renewable Resource

At the end of their life cycle, the clothing pieces made of bamboo dissolve easily in the environment. The best part about this fact is that bamboo does this without destroying nature. Bamboo clothing is 100% decomposable into the soil and a 100% good for you and the environment as well. And, lastly, it is good to know that the bamboo plant is actually a giant, wood-like grass that is super fast growing. Some species can grow even 3 feet per day. What this means is that bamboo is a highly renewable resource – and according to many people – the most renewable resource in the world.