Ergonomic Tips: Benefits of Using a Numeric Keypad

By Steve George

February 27, 2018Office Equipment

If you’re an accountant or an engineer who needs to perform mathematical functions in your everyday life on your laptop, then you know how inconvenient the numeric keypad on most laptops is. Moreover, not all laptops have a numeric keypad nowadays, which means you’re left with the unconventional method of switching between the alphabetic and numeric settings on your keyboard.


Alternatively, you can buy an external keyboard numeric keypad, just for the sole purpose of completing your everyday mathematical tasks with ease and convenience. This piece of computer hardware isn’t necessarily new to the computer world, but it’s now more sought after than ever, simply because laptops have become the norm for many people.

Just about a decade ago, laptops weren’t as widespread as they are today, so most people were content with the numeric keypad on their conventional keyword. Additionally, nowadays people prefer smaller laptops, and the 17-inch MacBook Pro has been replaced with the 13-inch MacBook. For people that are into accounting, MacBooks were not the preferred choice simply because they didn’t feature a full keyboard numeric keypad.

Moreover, you can buy a wireless ergonomic keyboard and numeric pad bundle that feature low profile keys. This can be an extremely versatile and convenient addition to every office worker’s setup. There are adjustable and tiltable models that add to the versatility and comfort. Using a numeric keypad is similar to using a calculator, and it is very useful when you need to type a lot of numbers in quick succession throughout long time periods.

Additionally, such a device is very portable and allows you to work from virtually anywhere. So if you’re someone who prefers to work from home, a cafe, on the beach or anywhere in between, a numeric keypad can be a valuable piece of hardware. You can place it virtually anywhere, thus allowing your hands, wrist and arms to sit in a “perfect” neutral position.

All of this makes repetitive tasks less taxing by reducing the stress this position normally puts on your hand. All of these benefits make numeric keypads incredibly useful pieces of hardware. Even though they aren’t extremely popular yet, with the number of people working from home being constantly on the rise, they’ve gained quite a bit of popularity. With their innovative performance, improving functions and ergonomic-friendly properties, numeric keypads can be an invaluable addition to people who constantly deal with numbers. Lastly, they’re relatively inexpensive, so they really won’t break your bank. So, enough talking – why don’t you just try one and see it for yourself?