10 Inexpensive Ways to Upgrade Your Small Business Marketing Strategy

By Steve George

September 7, 2023Art Gifts

We all know that every business needs to promote itself. After all, how can people buy from you if they don’t know about you? But if your business is just starting out or if you don’t have much money to spend on marketing, skilled marketing might seem out of reach. The good news is that you can sell your business for free or for very little money.

Get Creative with Your Business Cards

Get Creative with Your Business Cards
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Want to spread the word about your business in a cheap way? Purchase some good business cards from Avery. We have high-quality business cards for low prices, and you can choose how many you want. With a free design and print programme, you can make your own business cards from scratch or make changes to one of our designs.

Create Intricate Promotional Materials with Paper Embossing

Sometimes, but especially in business, it’s all about the details. That’s why a good recommendation for upgrading your small business strategy is using paper embossing supplies for creating your marketing materials. This way, you can create promotional materials that will have a lasting effect on your clients. It’s no secret that people like to keep things that are special, unique, and nice to look at. Printed marketing materials with stamped patterns are a good investment because people are more likely to keep them.

Think about it: marketing products that don’t have anything special, unique, or different about them are much less likely to be remembered. When your customers see how hard you worked to make a professional-looking marketing piece, they will have a better first impression of your business. Furthermore, embossing is often used with other printing techniques, like metal pressing. This gives your printed promotional material an attractive look that will wow your buyers.

Take Advantage of Social Media

Take Advantage of Social Media
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LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, TikTokā€¦ Today, it’s almost a must for businesses to have a profile on social media. Engaging with possible clients and users on social media is a great way to start getting to know them. It’s free to start a conversation, and while it might not pay off right away, it probably will in the future!

Don’t Forget Promo Emails

Email marketing is a solid and inexpensive way to stay in touch with your users and clients. Aside from the cost of the ESP (email service provider), there are no other costs, and you can be sure that your audience will see your message (as long as it gets in their inbox and not their trash). Emails are a great way to let clients know about future sales, deals, and special offers that are only available to them.

Keep Your Company’s Website Up-to-Date

Keep Your Company's Website Up-to-Date
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When was the last time your business website was updated? Make sure the information on your website is still useful and up to date. Visitors to your site might think you’re no longer in business if it doesn’t look like it’s been changed in a while. The same goes for social media. You want to be fairly busy on all your online sites so that potential clients know you’re still there and ready to do business!

Print Brochures and Leaflets

Why not sell your business the old-fashioned way and print flyers or brochures? This can be a fantastic, low-cost way to let people in the area know about your business. You can put them in mailboxes around town or under window wipers in the parking lot of your local shopping centre.

Have Unique Business Stickers

Stickers are fun for everyone. Most people who get a sticker will find a place to put it, which could be great free advertising for your business. Custom labels and stickers are another way for small businesses to get their name out there.

Offer a Discount to Loyal Customers

People love being rewarded for staying loyal to specific brands and businesses, so why not give your past clients and customers a special deal to buy more from you? This is a proven method for small businesses to sell themselves that works like a treat! Most people can’t say no to a good deal, and this can be a simple way to get cash into your business quickly.

Talk to People in Your Circle

This free method of marketing for small and local businesses can also be very successful. Just reach out to your past customers, suppliers, or anyone else in your network and ask if they know someone who might be interested in the products or services you provide. You can never predict who might be in search of exactly what your company has to offer.

Hire an Online Marketing Agency

The times are always changing, and the market is always coming up with new products and new ways to connect with possible buyers. While this list is mostly focused on inexpensive marketing methods, in case you still need help in creating an online presence, it’s best to hire professionals since you don’t want to lag behind your competition and their 1m views worth of TikToks.

An online marketing agency works with the information you give them about your brand and the people you want to reach to build marketing campaigns. It also helps you narrow down your target group and keeps your website, social media, and email campaigns up-to-date. This helps your brand reach more people.