Few Tips On How to Choose the Right Handbags

By Maria Rogerson

December 9, 2015Health & Beauty

The never ending dilemmas around the topic of the perfect handbag seem to only become more and more present and intense, especially since there is an abundance of different styles, materials, colors, textures and prices to choose from. However, there are some basics that will never change and they are primarily connected with how much we should spend, in which direction to think when choosing and how to make the choice more personal body and purpose-wise.



When looking for the perfect hand bags online, be mindful of their purpose. We all know how tiring it can be to transfer your phone, wallet and other secret female gadgets from one handbag to another. This crazy transfer often annoys men and they don’t seem to get our unpractical ways of life. Well, defensive mode aside, this time, they might even be right. Why not choose a durable, high quality, versatile handbag that will fit many styles and will spare you the need to pour all of your stuff and lose a few in the process. Avoid this advice if you are looking for a handbag for a special occasion, of course.


Here’s what fashion aware women have to say on the matter – Invest in durability and expensive look. It is better to have 3 handbags that have made you pay through the nose, so to say, than have 20 of them and still feel as if you have none. And let’s not mention the fact that cheap handbags, even if they are extremely lovely and chic, won’t last you long and you’ll waste your precious time searching for a new one pretty soon.

Organized Space

Although handbags exist to make a woman’s life easier, they can get quite messy. Sometimes it’s our own fault, but it won’t hurt us to think beforehand and choose from the different types of hand bags online that have a separate pocket for your phone and charger, some make up and a few additional ones for anything else you mind need to store.

Body Type

No matter how lovely and chic a handbag appears to be, you mustn’t be hasty with your wallet before you carefully consider whether it will fit your body. Avoid wearing handbags with long straps if you are short and don’t opt for short ones if you are tall. If you belong to the petite body type, NEVER wear an oversized bag because it will make you look even smaller than you already are. The size of the handbag you wear does matter.