Few Tips To Hide Hair Loss

By Steve George

July 9, 2015Hair care

From over-the-counter products to hair transplant and similar surgical procedures, there are numerous ways to disguise baldness. But the big question is: ‘Do all these options work? And are they worth the try? Lets find out.

Hair loss, although once considered a problem of middle-age men, is becoming more and more common these days and so are the hiding hair loss solutions which can help stop alopecia areata or camouflage it. Although hair transplants and surgical procedures are more advanced and permanent, they also cost more and are not affordable to all. Fortunately there are other alternatives you can try for hiding hair loss that are much more affordable and still can deliver great results.


Tip One: Comb-over

Although comb-overs are known to be effective until the wind blows (the worst feeling ever), they can be a great last-minute solution if, for example, you have a press conference. You can make the comb-over look more fashion forward with a quiff and plenty of hairspray. Just resist the temptation to brush hair forward or from one ear to another. It is a big no-no.

Tip Two: Sprinkle

There are products on the market like volumizing hair fibres, that have been around for a while and are great instant solution for hiding bald spots. All you need to do is sprinkle the product on the bald spots (as you sprinkle salt) and the fibres literally instantly fill out any gaps. It is essential to get the right colour for you though or the cover up will be obvious.

Tip Three: Thicken and strengthen

There is a large variety of hair thickening products available on the market these days that can temporarily thicken the hair shaft to make it look plumper. There are also other products, like tonics that promise to give hair a little more resilience to everyday wear and tear. These products aren’t going to entirely solve your problem, but they will help you make the most out of what hair you still do have.

Tip Four: Scalp micropigmentation

Scalp Micro Pigmentation is an ultimate tattooing technique where your scalp it tattooed with tiny dots of pigment, matched to your existing hair colour, to replicate an uniformly even stubble effect of real shaven hair follicles. The treatment is totally safe, doesn’t cause side effects, is pain-free and better, 100% effective in hiding hair loss. Scalp micropigmentation is suitable for all skin tones and types and can be performed even in totally bald areas.